Xepher-Whitemon Bring Geek Fam Champion ONE Esports DOTA 2 SEA League

ONE Esports DOTA 2 SEA League found the winner. Malaysian DOTA 2 organization Geek Fam successfully toppled their competitor Fnatic in the grand final with a score of 3-1. Had doubts following the performance of Geek Fam who had to comeback from the lower bracket. It turns out they were able to roll the championship favorites and win the third trophy in 2020.

Geek Fam through the obstacles of Adroit, T1 and TNC Predator before reaching the top match. The cons of TNC is sweeter because they are the team that deposed Xepher and his friends to the lower bracket. Although superior, Fnatic is not without weaknesses. They rarely score clean wins which means the enemy has a way to exploit the defense of Iceiceice cs.


Geek Fam started the draft with the Siren-Disruptor-Grimstroke and Doom combos. This is intended to facilitate the elimination of Morphling from Fnatic which is susceptible to collapse if monitored. Several times the Geek Fam initiation was on target. Slows Morphling’s farm which will threaten if left free.

Fnatic only has Leshrac as a backup core. Although the game of MooN with this hero is quite horrified, but the dependence on the skill makes the Disco Poni do not do much to be moved when exposed to Doom or Static Storm. Geek Fam also won the first point after Fnatic GG Call in the 49th minute.


Sick of being humiliated by the Fnatic illusion, brought out their mainstay Kagebushin creator hero. The Phantom Lancer is used for Terrorblade’s counter-hit from Raven. The lack of splash damage from Geek Fam has proven to be difficult for them when the PL pursues. Even though there were Pangoliar and Sand King, their skills were not enough to show the existence of the original PL.

Fnatic also replicates Geek Fam’s silence strategy. Using Disruptor and Puck, they avenged the bitter defeat of the first game in just 35 minutes.


Do not accept Terrorblade lost. Geek Fam try again using this one hard carry. The Xepher-Whitemon support duet greatly helped the Raven farm process thanks to its aggressive rotation in the Fnatic defense.

The lack of qualified disabled from Fnatic has an impact on their pick-off ability. Practically, only Treant Protector and Dream Coil from Puck can be used for crowd control during teamfight.

Without a steward to watch out for, Raven casually buys BKB after 30 minutes of the game. He was only caught once and killed 7 times with the acquisition of a networth of 22.3K gold, the highest of all heroes.


The game to determine the champion of ONE Esports DOTA 2 League does not want to be left loose by Fnatic. Their mainstay strategy, Morphling-Earthshaker derived. While Geek Fam entrusts late game with Anti-Mage as the main core.

Geek Fam controls laning well. Lion, who helped AM on the toplane, made Iceiceice a prisoner with his offfire Snapfire. While Xepher with Treant Protector successfully secured kill after kill in botlane with Puck Nails.

23Savage who transitioned to midlane did not develop much because they faced Ember Spirit who was quite strong in lane. K is also active in ganking, strengthening the dominance of the Geek Fam while putting pressure on their carry to be free from initiation.

The Geek Fam time investment was successful. Raven’s networth began to skyrocket and slowly get out of control. The Fnatic mainstay combo can’t stop Anti-Mage because of the various disable and sustain that are owned by Geek Fam.

44 minutes passed, Fnatic raised the white flag and handed the ONE Esports DOTA 2 League trophy to Geek Fam. Xepher and his friends are entitled to a prize of $ 40,000 USD.

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