Yamamoto doesn’t qualify for Red Bull

Yamamoto at F1

Christian Horner, Red Bull Formula 1 boss, commented on performance of Naoki Yamamoto at his home track in Japan.

Horner deliberated on the speculations if Red Bull is willing to get him on board. But he articulated that there is no deliberation on Yamamoto inside top tier for Red Bull or Toro Rosso in near future.

The Japanese driver made his debut FP1 at Suzuka this year. His performance was impressive during practice session.

Yamamoto went faster than Daniil Kvyat whose car was handed over to him for a run at Formula 1 track. Although, his performance enhance may have been due to softer and quicker tyres.

“He’s done a very good job for his first session in a Formula 1 car,” Horner commented while answering to Sky Sports F1.

“I think he acquitted himself extremely well. He’s had a very successful career racing over here and with Jenson [Button] in the GTs.”

Yamamoto had won Japan Super Formula championship last year.

Alongside Jenson Button, the Japenese won the Super GT Championship. Button is admirer of the 31 year old driver.

Many have speculated a Japenese powered car driven by a Japenese driver on Japenese track in future. The speculations are supported by his super license points which makes him eligible for a formal entry into Formula 1 sport.

But boss of both Japenese (Honda) powered teams, Red Bull and Toro Rosso, disagrees with the speculations.

Additionally, Red Bull has struggled to find the right match for Max Verstappen after a shocking switch by Daniel Ricciardo to Renault. Red Bull had run half season with Pierre Gasly who was unable to impress the bosses.

He was switched back to his original team Toro Rosso and Alexander Albon was taken on board after the summer break.

Thai-Brit driver has also been struggling to find the right balance with the new car so far.

Horner commented on speculations regarding Yamamoto, “It’s a circuit he knows extremely well, he’s had a very successful career racing over here with Jenson in the GTs.

“He doesn’t fit the criteria [for a race seat at Red Bull or Toro Rosso] at the moment, but he’s certainly worth giving a run and having a look at today.”

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