Zlatan Ibrahimovic and His Magical Career

The wild ball that bounced off the ground was finally struck by a debutant. Proper accuracy, making the ball plunge freely into the goal even it is kicked from a distance. Suddenly the atmosphere of the stadium became a roar. That deadly kick also managed to deliver a victory that will never be forgotten. Kick done by an aging footballer who is looking for luck.

Maybe there are people who did not expect that the special goal was created by football players who are more than 30 years old. However, when the name of the scorer is then listed Zlatan Ibrahimovic, everyone will understand in the end.

Ibracadabra, the nickname that he bears, is indeed as if he has never finished making a ‘miracle’. One illustration of the goal above is the proof. The goal came when Ibra, his nickname, underwent his debut in the highest caste of the United States soccer league, MLS (Major League Soccer).

Adding more heroic elements, in addition to the decisive victory goal printed world class debutant, the match is also a one-city match (derby) between Los Angeles Galaxy against Los Angeles FC.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will never run out with his magical elements. Wherever he is, the magical touches of Ibracadabra will always appear. Ibra’s magic touch had begun to be seen by the world when he defended Ajax Amsterdam. At that time the world realized, a new king candidate for green field was born.

Without the need to wait long, elite football clubs became a place to stop, call it a trio of Italian giants, ranging from Juventus, Inter Milan, to AC Milan (yes, once AC Milan was an Italian giant), the legendary Spanish club, Barcelona, the championship club English Premier League, Manchester United, to the French League millennial club, Paris St. Germain.

Ibra’s landing at these elite clubs is not only a sweetener of players or jersey runners, but also the achievements he made there through his magic goals. Indeed, Ibra’s many achievements seem to have a lack because he has never won a Champions League trophy. For me, this is just a misfortune.

With so many achievements and achievements that he achieved, it finally gave rise to an impression of arrogance in Ibra. This is reflected in some of the sentences he made. For example, when there are journalists who compare themselves with Carlos Vela (one of the mainstay strikers in the United States League as well).

Ibra told journalists, “I have a lot of respect for Vela, he’s a good player, but you did one mistake, you [the media] compared him with me, that was your biggest mistake”. For an Ibra, if someone compares him with other footballers, that is a big mistake.

In my opinion, for a figure of Ibra, such a sentence is a natural thing because Ibra has a magical power that will be difficult to compete with other footballers. So, what Ibra did or said, for me, was not arrogance, but instead he wanted to show his agility. He wants to tell the world that Ibra will always provide a better place for the club he occupies.

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