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Chronology of Chaotic Champions League Drawing

The draw for the last 16 of the 2021-2022 Champions League has been carried out at the UEFA headquarters, Nyon, Switzerland, Monday (12/13/2021). However, the draw for the Champions League this time had to be repeated.

The reason the Champions League draw was repeated was because there was a technical error during the first draw. As a result, the majority of European teams found different opponents after the Champions League last 16 draw was repeated.

Here’s the chronology of the chaotic Champions League draw: Villarreal Vs Man United Draw Error

The draw for the Champions League initially started on Monday. Former Arsenal player, Andrey Arshavin, along with UEFA club competition head Michael Heselschwerdt and UEFA Deputy Secretary General Giorgio Marchetti were in charge of the draw.

During the second draw, there was a technical error following Villarreal’s encounter with Manchester United. In fact, Villarreal (runner-up) and Man United (group winner) should not be able to meet because they are representatives of Group F. The draw was then canceled and Villarreal met Manchester City.

Man United Not in The List Against Atletico Madrid

UEFA made two technical errors. This time, the error in drawing the Champions League occurred when the moment of the draw against Atletico Madrid. Man United should have entered as one of the candidates against Atletico Madrid. This is because the two teams are champions and runners-up from different groups, plus not from the same league.

However, Man United’s lottery ball was not included in the pot against Atletico. Even so, the draw continued and Atletico Madrid’s opponents were Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, Man United against Paris Saint-Germain.

There was an uproar on social media from netizens to European journalists who questioned UEFA’s stance. “Somehow UEFA can let this draw last. Man United accidentally not in the drawing against Atletico Madrid,” wrote The Athletic journalist, Raphael Honigstein.

Attitudes of European Teams After Technical Errors

A number of European teams then took a stand by discussing with UEFA to find solutions to these mistakes, one of which was Atletico Madrid. Meanwhile, Real Madrid reportedly asked UEFA for a re-draw, but only after their draw ball was drawn (Real Madrid against Benfica). Because, Los Blancos think the error occurred after their draw moment.

UEFA’s decision to re-draw UEFA finally realized. UEFA said they would hold a re-draw. “Following a technical error with the software of an external service provider instructing the officials of which team to play against each other, a material error occurred in the draw for the Champions League round of 16,” UEFA tweeted. “As a result of this, the draw has been declared void and will be fully replayed at 15.00 CET.”

Champions League last 16 draw

As per UEFA’s decision, the draw for the Champions League last 16 is repeated at 15.00 CET. This time, all drawings are monitored by the UEFA team. Andrey Arshavin, Michael Heselschwerdt and Giorgio Marchetti are still in charge of the draw. As a result, the majority of teams got different opponents after the re-draw was made.

One thing that is of concern is the cancellation of the PSG vs Man United duel. This became the main focus because the duel Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo practically failed to take place. Messi vs Ronaldo duel will not happen in the last 16.

After the re-draw, PSG will play Real Madrid. Then, Man United met Atletico Madrid. Meanwhile, only the defending champions Chelsea whose opponents have not changed. The Blues are still destined to face last season’s Ligue 1 champions, namely LOSC Lille.

2021-2022 Champions League Draw Results Before Redraw

Benfica vs Real Madrid
Villarreal vs Man City
Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich
RB Salzburg vs Liverpool
Inter Milan vs Ajax Amsterdam
Sporting CP vs Juventus
Chelsea vs Lille
PSG vs Man United

Champions League Draw Results 2021-2022 After Redraw

FC Salzburg vs Bayern Munich
Sporting CP vs Manchester City
Benfica vs Ajax Amsterdam
Chelsea vs Lille
Atletico Madrid vs Man United
Villarreal vs Juventus
Inter Milan vs Liverpool
PSG vs Real Madrid.

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