MDL Macau Ready to Enliven Dota 2 Tournament Series in 2019!

The series of tournaments in 2019 are increasingly showing a bright spot. For the Dota 2 tournament, apparently the organizer, Mars Dota League re-embodies one of its flagship events.

Yup, according to the title above that MDL Macau 2019 is ready to enliven the ranks of the Dota 2 tournament in 2019. This is not the first time for MDL, especially the Dota 2 activists must be familiar with the Mars Dota League title.

But there are several different things for the title in the Dota Pro Circuit season 2018-2019. Because Valve only allows several official titles, namely 5 major events and 5 minor events.

Outside the ranks of the tournament, it becomes the organizer’s right with a series of rules and prizes. Moreover, the Dota 2 event this time is indeed unofficial, because in 2018 the MDL Macau 2018 was an official event.

MDL Macau 2019 will present 8 teams to compete for a total prize of US $ 300,000. Five of the eight teams present will get slots through direct invite.

The two slots will be contested through Chinese special qualifications and the final slot will be awarded through the Dota 2 Professional League Season 6 title. There are only two teams that ensure their place, namely PSG.LGD and

Besides the two teams above, there are still 3 slots left through the direct invite line. It was anticipated that OG the tournament champion would get the slot last year and followed by Natus Vincere with good trends in the last few tournaments.

The event which will take place in Macau will begin on February 20-24 2019. Of course this title will be a profitable match for the community in China.

Because if there is a total of at least 3 Chinese teams that will compete in the MDL Macau event. Because the PSG.LGD slot plus 2 teams from China are ready to enliven the match.

OG with the title of The International 2018 is also predicted to get the direct invite slot after amazing performance. Not forgetting the OG team’s only title when it was reinforced by Resolut1on, s4 and Fly.

MDL also had the chance to carry out a major event on the 17/18 DPC season then under the name MDL Changsha Major 2018. The champion, PSG.LGD successfully won the title with an amazing performance.

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