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2023 Indian MotoGP chaos: Visa delays, safety and the threat of the Nipah virus

The 2023 Indian MotoGP is in the spotlight after various problems emerged ahead of the start of the race series. The 2023 Indian MotoGP race series will take place at the Buddh International Circuit on 22-24 September 2023. However, various problems have surfaced.

One of them is the difficulty of getting a visa. According to the Crash report, the 2023 Indian MotoGP promoter has attempted to coordinate with the authorities to resolve the visa issue. In fact, on Wednesday (20/9/2023), only 500 visas had been granted and there were still several parties who did not have the documents ahead of the 2023 Indian MotoGP.

“We have received the latest information regarding the current problem of delays in the visa issuance process,” said a statement from the Indian MotoGP promoter, Fairstreet Sports. “We convey that we have been working relentlessly to resolve the problem in the best way,” the statement continued.

One of the MotoGP riders who is hampered by visa problems is Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda). Based on the Speedweek report, Marquez only received his visa on Wednesday (20/9/2023). He even just arrived in New Delhi, India, on Thursday (21/9/2023). Even so, Marc Marquez has emphasized that he is ready to ride his motorbike in the 2023 Indian MotoGP. “We will use the same motorbike here this weekend, as the Misano GP,” said Marquez ahead of the 2023 Indian MotoGP.

It doesn’t stop there, the 2023 Indian MotoGP will also take place amid the threat of the Nipah virus. Based on information from Speedweek, the Kerala region, India, is currently implementing a lockdown after the emergence of the nipah virus. The nipah virus is said to be more dangerous than the corona virus. Because the virus circulating in India causes inflammation in the brain. However, the area affected by the nipah virus is 2,600 km from the Buddh International Circuit, which is the location for the 2023 Indian MotoGP.

Apart from that, there are also concerns about safety on the Buddh International Circuit track. GASGAS Factory Racing racer, Pol Espargaro, said that there were several areas that actually needed to be improved for the safety of the riders.

“Regarding safety, there are definitely several things that can be improved. However, I am sure that on all race tracks in the world there are places that need to be improved,” said Espargaro. “Here (Indian MotoGP) definitely needs to look for (what might happen) during races and crashes. In my opinion, there is nothing important, but there are definitely some things that can be improved,” he said.

Even so, Pol Espargaro revealed that he positively welcomed the race at the 2023 Indian MotoGP. He predicted that the race would be enjoyable. “It can be one of the most fun, it’s up and down, the corners are different, there’s a lot of dip in some of the corners it’s something different and it looks really fun,” he said.

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