5 Footballers Who Used to Be Rich but Were Poor, 2 Once Played in Indonesia!

5 Footballers Who Used to Be Rich but Were Poor, 2 Once Played in Indonesia!

SportReviews will discuss five footballers who were once rich but then became poor. In fact, two of them apparently once grazed in Indonesia!

The wealth and exorbitant salaries at a young age do not guarantee that a footballer’s life will be good when he retires or is old. This can be seen from the following five footballers.

Then, who were those who fell into poverty? Check out the following review.

5. Paul Merson
In fifth place, there is the name Paul Merson. In the 90s, Merson made a lot of money. Because his career was brilliant, playing for top teams. This English player himself spent most of his career at Arsenal.

After carving out a neat career, Merson decided to hang up his boots in 2006. A few years later, he immediately went bankrupt because of women, alcohol and gambling. Fortunately, he was able to recover and is now starting a career as a football observer.

4. Ronaldinho
Ronaldinho lost a lot of money after retiring. All of this happened because of a love of extravagance. The Brazilian footballer spends a lot of money on alcohol and partying.

The former Barcelona player also failed to make several investments. Ronaldinho was even worse because he went to prison. He became one of the best footballers of his generation who went bankrupt after retiring.

3. Keith Gillespie
Then, there is the name Keith Gillespie. This English winger has played for a number of elite clubs throughout his career, one of which is Manchester United. Gillespie then played well at Newcastle United and Blackburn.

However, years later, the footballer went bankrupt. The main reason is gambling. Gillespie admitted in an interview he lost around £7 million!

2. Eric Djemba-Djemba
Eric Djemba-Djemba, who once played for elite European clubs and even in Indonesia, also experienced bankruptcy. This former Manchester United player spent a lot of money on unnecessary things.

This player who once defended Persebaya Surabaya cannot manage his finances well. As a result, after the end of his career in the world of football, his money ran out.

1. Lee Hendrie
Finally, there is the name Lee Hendrie. Just like Eric Djemba-Djemba, Lee Hendrie has also played for a number of elite clubs in Europe, such as Leicester City, and has also played in Indonesia.

With a flashy career, this English midfielder can make a lot of money. However, he went bankrupt because he lost the bet.

His condition was very bad after losing at gambling, which made Lee Hendrie frustrated and even wanted to commit suicide. Fortunately, Lee Hendrie has recovered from his addiction.

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