6 Times Champion in a Row! BEYOND EPIC Becomes the Latest Secret Trophy

6 Times Champion in a Row! BEYOND EPIC Becomes the Latest Secret Trophy

History repeats faster for the Secret team. Last night (28/6), they had won the sixth trophy in only half the competition season that took place in 2020. BEYOND EPIC was retaliation for Secret because several times they were toppled by Nigma.

Most remembered was the WePlay final! Tug of War: Mad Moon. At that time, Secret surrendered 3-2 by Kuro et al. This time, Puppey and his friends successfully slaughtered the former TI7 champions with a score of 3-0 without reply. But that does not mean the game went easy, Secret must be struggling to find points.


Nigma mobilized their mainstay strategy, IO + Gyrocopter combo. This deadly duo almost devastated the Secret line-up if they didn’t have the right counter. Fortunately, Puppey anticipated a cheesy Morphling + Earthshaker pick.

This strategy is known to be troublesome because Morphling’s ability to transform into an Earthshaker adds to the physical explosive power of the water creature. Miracle- has made every effort to attack. Buy Divine Rapier to pocket Neutral Item Witless Shako for additional HP. Even though the sustain of Nigma’s carry was ripe, unfortunately Miracle’s colleague was immediately toppled by Nisha’s tantrums.


The toughest game that Secret has to go through, is at the same time Nigma’s closest moment to equalize. Their early line-up with Death Prophet, Dragon Knight and Ursa was far superior to 28 thousand networth. Unfortunately, Nigma slipped and got hit by the team wipe and die back from Miracle-, which led to Secret’s comeback.

Slowly the strategy game from Puppey runs. Drow Ranger increasingly painful coupled with the Queen of Pain which synergizes positively with the aura of attackman speed from the marksman. Nisha was fortunate enough with her Neutral Item income, she met the Pirate Hat which added attack speed +150. Nisha also confidence equip his hero with Divine Rapier so that the maximum damage.

Not yet sustained intake from Weaver Puppey who is always ready to help with Time Lapse and Yapzor through its crowd control contraction. Secret successfully reversed the situation and won the second game.


Heavy battles in the previous game made Nigma a little pessimistic. This game became the shortest fight Nigma did against Secret with a duration of only 35 minutes. Nigma, who didn’t want to bother to put together a simple draft, strengthened the laning aspect with heroes like Viper, Underlord and KOTL.

Puppey utilizes the composition of the opponent by choosing high-mobility heroes and have huge burst damage. Among them are Void Spirit, Tiny and Puck. This strategy was effective, the Secret team quartet netted at least 20 assists while Matumbaman Ursa went crazy with 20 kills.

Nigma was not able to reduce the agility of the Secret hero, they were caught easily and did not have a good defense with a variety of shock magic damage from Secret. Nigma was forced to call GG and surrender the Secret BEYOND EPIC trophy to be the sixth in the half of the 2020 season.

Secret successfully brought home a prize worth $ 80,000 USD. While Nigma had to settle for $ 35,000 USD.

Amazing part of the season from Secret. Puppey once argued that they were getting tired of competing, although the end result always ended in the title. Is Puppey just being modest or is their performance starting to slack? Only time that can answer.

Congratulations Team Secret champions of BEYOND EPIC Europe / CIS!

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