A history of ESL tournaments and major Dota 2 patches -

A history of ESL tournaments and major Dota 2 patches

DreamLeague Season 23 playoffs stage has a huge chance of being played on a new patch.
Earlier today Valve teased the arrival of a new patch. The Dota 2 community has been anxiously waiting for a new numbered patch to be deployed for a few months now. It’s been more than five months since the 7.35 gameplay update was released, and although the lore and cavern-crawl-like mini game in the client has kept the players somewhat busy, the need for a new gameplay update is deeply felt in both public matchmaking and professional games.

Act II of the Crownfall event is announced to be launched this week. Today, Valve unlocked a vendor location in Act I, which gives a few hints at what players should expect next. It’s the first time when a new patch is teased in an in-game event, and considering that Act II will be released in the coming days, the community hopes that 7.36 will come with it.

DreamLeeague Season 18/DPC Tour 3

Back in July 2022, DreamLeague was still a part of the Dota Pro circuit. It hosted Division I, Tour 3 of the Western European league and had four slots to offer to the Arlington Major. During week 1 of the 3-week event, Valve released the 7.31d patch, which added Marci to the Captains Mode and brought a lot of quality of life updates, including the Dota Plus seasonal Battle Report.

ESL One Malaysia 2022

The jump from 7.31 to 7.32 was also made during an ESL event in August 2022 at ESL One Malaysia. The new gameplay update was released during the night after the first day of group stage matches and it brought Primal Beast to the Captains Mode along with a drastic change of the experience formula, a change in passive gold income and the way Glyph of Fortification functions. OG ended up winning that tournament.

ESL One Berlin Major 2023

Just 4 nights before ESL One Berlin Major, in April 2023, the biggest Dota 2 patch we had in years was deployed. The New Frontier Update (patch 7.33) hit the servers with a lot of map changes. The Twin Gates, the two Roshan pits, the Lotus Pools, Tormentors, Watchers, and new outposts, all came at once in the New Frontier Patch making ESL One Berlin Major one of the most exciting tournaments to watch. Gaimin Gladiators were the fastest to adapt to all the changes and took home what would become their second major trophy of that year.

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