Allegations of Past Violence End RedEye Esports Career

Allegations of Past Violence End RedEye Esports Career

One more figure of casters and experienced figures in the arena of DOTA 2 has withdrawn from his professional career. Paul “RedEye” Chaloner often meets as hosts at various esports events such as The International, StarCraft and Counter-Strike. He entered the DOTA 2 scene in 2014 after previously being more active in the realm of Quake 3. Noted, he has guided around 30 tournaments in the last few years.

This decision is quite surprising considering the situation is not conducive among international DOTA 2 casters caught in the act of sinning. GrandGrant and Tobiwan were accused of sexual harassment after several victims exposed their past immoral behavior. Now, RedEye’s original figure was strongest when a worker in the esports industry unmasked the author of the book “This Is Esports (and how to spell it)”.

RedEye’s behavior was revealed by James Banks through his Twitter account. Banks, who claimed to have worked under the auspices of RedEye, even once idolized social legend, has a reverse view. In his devotion he found that RedEye was a rude person, he was considered to be acting as a caster barrier that wanted to penetrate the esports scene or spread his wings to other branches of the game.

Banks inserted documents and evidence of conversations from several victims as well as his own experiences when RedEye and the agency he led, Code Red. About 5 years ago, Banks was recruited by Gfinity to comment on CS: GO events. His career was quite smooth because then he was contracted to continue caster work throughout the season plus the StarCraft II tournament.

That was when RedEye called him, saying that Banks was not good enough and would rotate it with other assignments. Until now, Banks played the role of an interviewer and a host even though he initially underwent a career as a caster. Banks tried to make an argument with RedEye, showing a contract that wrote that he was hired as a caster. RedEye insisted that Banks obey his words or he would ensure that Banks would never work in the esports industry again.

From that incident, Banks increasingly depressed. He felt isolated because RedEye ignored him, never even rebuked and invited meetings even though he invited other talents. Some news even mentioned that he had hit an employee.

Some of the accusations against RedEye revealed by Banks were that he was a rude man, abused his power, often verbally and physically abusing, even demeaning some female employees and make up artists.

As for this story, it was revealed that it happened to be close to a lot of busy cases lately due to RedEye and Code Red to commemorate Banks so as not to reveal the incident without wearing it to journalists. He obstructed investigations by extortion and threatened Banks’ career.

RedEye certainly realizes this news has been circulating widely in the community. He also decided to withdraw from the esports scene even though he still argued that the court’s decision stated he was innocent. He still apologized to those who felt he had been hurt and this incident became an eye opening moment for him.

Wow, I didn’t expect that the world of esports outside was quite dark. Do you think RedEye is right as described by Banks?

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