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FIFA World Games

Every year, many sport events take place on which you can bet during given day of the year. At this time, you can bet uncontrollably. These events come once in a year and stands apart from the rest. No matter, how hard you strive in the end; you can never be completely prepared for these days when it comes around. It is important to keep yourself prepared when the event is round the corner. In such a case, Chalk keeps you informed about the event beforehand, when it’s round the corner.

Do You Like Betting On Sports?

Chalk presents a complete calendar displaying the highlights of the bets throughout the year in 2016. This particular list will provide a complete calendar of sports that would collectively show how many events will take place and when. The list updates every year informing about the wide range of sporting events taking place.

List of sport betting events in the month of March are as follows:

  1. 15th March, 2016- 16th March, 2016: UFA Champions League (SOCCER LEAGUE)
  2. 17th March, 2016- 20th March, 2016: NCAA tournaments
  3. 24th March, 2016- 27th March, 2016: NCCA Tournament sweet sixteen elite eight.

List of sport betting events in the month of April are as follows:

  1. 2nd April, 2016- NCCA Men’s basketball Final Four
  2. 3rd April, 2016- MLB opening day
  3. 4th April, 2016- NCAA Men’s Basketball championship
  4. 5th April, 2016-6th April, 2016- SOCCER UFFA Champions league
  5. 7th April, 2016-10th April,2016- GOLF The Masters
  6. 9th April, 2016- Boxing
  7. 12th April, 2016-13th April, 2016- UEFA champions league
  8. 13th April, 2016- Playoff’s begin
  9. 16th April,2016- (MMA) UFC 197
  10. 23rd April,2016- Cormier vs Jones 2
  11. 26th April, 2016- 27th April, 2016 – UFFA Champions league semifinals.

List of sport betting events in the month of May are as follows:

  1. 3rd May, 2016 – 4th May, 2016- (SOCCER) UEFA Champions league
  2. 7th May, 2016- Kentucky derby
  3. 7th May, 2016:(BOXING) Canelo Alvarez vs. Amir Khan — T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. 14th May, 2016: Brazil – (MMA) UFC 198
  5. 15th May, 2016: (SOCCER) Final Match – Barclays Premier League
  6. 21st May, 2016:(HORSE) Preakness Stakes — Pimlico Race Track, Baltimore, Maryland
  7. 28th May, 2016:​ San Siro, Milan, Italy (SOCCER) UEFA Champions League Final


All these matches till the month of May are displayed so far, in order to prepare the enthusiasts for bidding on the events.

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