ATP Parties Overhaul Guidelines, In the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, ATP Parties Overhaul Guidelines


Tennis News: With plans to resume the tournament for the first time since last March. ATP has released official regulations.

The regulation contains guidelines for players, staff and stakeholders must be follow after the COVID-19 era.

The men’s tennis organization devised very strict steps for tennis players to take into account the rules of distance keeping and other preventive measures implemented in each tournament must also be follow.

The regulation clearly states that violations of these rules will considered violations of the code of ethics.

One specific statement states, “Any violations that are repeatedly or blatantly committed to the rules will considered as violations of the code of ethics under this Section or Main Violations of Behavior that Are Contrary to Game Integrity depending on the severity of the violation.”

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Fines of up to 20,000 US dollars will charged against players found violating COVID-19 rules.

ATP will allow a media conference to held, but with a distance of 2 meters between the player and the interviewee.

Regarding the attendance of spectators and seats, the regulation states that the tournament must set a minimum number of seats in the main court, except those agreed by ATP.

The need for additional medical staff to treat sick and injure tennis players is also include in the regulation. Then Additional staff is primarily for screening and testing COVID-19.

Each tournament must also have Tournament Infection Control Officer (TICO) to help control spread of COVID-19 during the tournament event.

Ball kid is allow to be include, but they will only handle the ball and are not allow to handle the towel as usual.

1. Some other guidelines include: Field monitors will be assigned to each field of competition and this must be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

2. After the match so that any object that comes in direct contact with the main referee (sitting referee) must disinfected before the next referee and tennis players arrive.

3. Only two additional staff members will allowed to accompany tennis players on the field.

4. The use of changing rooms should be reduced as much as possible and limited to making preparations before the match.

5. The number of media personnel in the field will reduced. Every tournament must have a video conferencing facility to conduct a virtual press conference.

6. For tournaments remaining in the 2020 season, the number of lottery matches in each category will be modified taking into account the situation of COVID-19.

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