Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays Boss Heaps Praise on Players

Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays Boss Heaps Praise on Players

Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays Boss Heaps Praise on Players

During the regular season, Toronto Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo made a specific plan with his pitchers and he followed it to the letter. In the first game against the Tampa Bay Rays, he could have used more his instinct on Tuesday.

Starter Matt Schoemaker was pulled out of the game after three innings of work and just 35 shots on the clock. He had only allowed the Rays two hits while striking out two hitters. With the makings of his throws, he could have pitched at least two more innings. However, Montoyo decided to stick to his planning.

According to the original plan, he wanted to give Shoemaker two innings, but because of his pitcher’s performance, he gave him a third.

“It worked as we had expected. Matt delivered the goods and there was no question of sending him back in the fourth inning.” Montoyo said.

“With his job and Robbie Ray’s, the score was only 1-0 after six innings. We were still in the game and we still had a chance to win. I was happy to be in this position.” Montoyo added.

Shoemaker wanted more. As for the principal concerned, he would have liked to return to the mound for the fourth round.

“I felt great physically. I would have liked to continue even if I knew the plan. To be honest after the third run I didn’t think it was over for me.” Shoemaker said.

“I was ready to pitch seven, eight and even nine innings if I was able. I was a little surprised by the decision.” Shoemaker added.

It was not just this change of pitcher that sank the Torontonians. There was also the performance of the opposing pitcher, Blake Snell.

“Snell is tough to face when he takes the lead in the scores. It was not for nothing that he won the Cy-Young Trophy (2018).” Montoyo said.

“He’s their best pitcher and he’s got a lot of stuff. We knew it would be difficult. As a hitter, you don’t have a lot of leeway.” Montoyo added.

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