Beaten by Poirier, McGregor was displaced from the Top 4 of the UFC Ranking

Beaten by Poirier, McGregor was displaced from the Top 4 of the UFC Ranking

Conor McGregor was displaced from the top four of the UFC ranking after losing to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 last weekend.

UFC 257 is a duel fighter who occupies the top four positions in the UFC. Ahead of the duel, McGregor finished fourth while Dustin Poirier was ranked second.

However, Conor McGregor lost to Poirier in that fight. The Notorious lost to TKO by punching in the second round.

The poor result was the first TKO defeat for McGregor in the history of his career at MMA and UFC.

The defeat resulted in a position in the UFC ranking in the current lightweight class. With the loss to Poirier, McGregor fell two strips to sixth.

McGregor’s position in fourth place is filled by UFC newcomer Michael Chandler who won KO / TKO over Dan Hooker. By being displaced from the top four positions, McGregor’s chances of engaging in a title race duel is getting smaller.

So far the UFC usually holds a battle for the belt between the defending champions and the fighters who are in the top four.

Meanwhile, Poirier, who won over McGregor, also moved up one place to first place. The Diamond displaces Justin Gaethje who fell to second place.

As well as being in the UFC lightweight rankings, McGregor’s name has also slipped to 15th place or two strips down in the UFC pound for pound rating.

In the light class, Khabib Nurmagomedov is still listed as the UFC champion even though he has decided to retire since October 2020 after UFC 254. Until now Khabib has not decided to return to UFC and MMA.

The Eagle also remains in first place in the UFC pound for pound standings, followed by Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya in the top three.

Poirier said the strategy for kicking McGregor’s calf came from his coach, Mike Brown, who believes The Notorious will be in trouble if his leg is in pain.

“Mike Brown really pushed me to do a kick to the calf in this fight. Really pushed, and it ended. We hurt McGregor’s leg and he was in a bad position from the start, only because of repeated kicks to the leg,” said Poirier. Bloody Elbow.

Poirier admitted that he only needed two kicks to the calf to injure McGregor’s leg. After UFC 257, McGregor had to walk with a cane.

“I hurt his leg muscle. The leg and muscle [calf] is very small and thin, so you can’t take a lot of hits in that part. After the second kick, I knew he was in pain,” continued Poirier.

Poirier was also lucky to avoid McGregor’s shot. The fighter nicknamed The Diamond admitted that McGregor’s kick almost caused him pain.

“When he started kicking, he didn’t hit the shin. Just a little sliding, I might be in pain from McGregor’s kick,” said Poirier.

The win over McGregor left Poirier faced with a number of options. In addition to undergoing the third duel against McGregor, Poirier also has the opportunity to fight Michael Chandler and Charles Oliveira in the UFC lightweight class. Poirier also has a chance against Nate Diaz at welterweight.

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