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Brian Kidd is still a Manc!

The 1968 Champions Cup’s final not only caused Brian Kidd to be forgiven despite having Manchester City in uniform and managing Leeds United, but also gave birth to the smartest Manchester United chant that many people have not heard before. While watching the derby of Manchester City versus Manchester United, several United fans near me shouted mockingly when the camera highlighted the similar face of Brian Kidd. Their reason was clear; Kidd was labeled a traitor for being Roberto Mancini’s assistant, not to mention he had been in a City’s uniform in the past. Indeed reducing appreciation to a former Manchester United player because he was at a rival club was not acceptable. Do we want to reduce Denis Law’s services, The King of Streford End, just because he scored the goal that “made” United relegated in 1974?

Wembley 1968 was the arena that baptized Brian Kidd’s name as a big player at Manchester United. United’s opponent in the Champions Cup final was Benfica, who was strengthened by Eusebio, the player who was considered the greatest of all time from Portugal until a lively-footed young man from Madeira appeared 30 years later.

Brian Kidd is a fan of Eusebio. He was still 16 years old when Eusebio and the Portuguese national team came to England to play at the 1966 World Cup. Kidd traveled to Stockport to see the Portuguese team practice and ask for autographs and photos from Eusebio. He was also present at Goodison Park to watch Portugal against North Korea in the party where Eusebio scored 4 goals. Kidd admitted that Benfica and the Black Pearl as their motorbikes were the best European team in the mid 1960s.

Two years later, Kidd as a 19-year-old teenager faced his idol at the top of the most elite club competition in Europe on his birthday. The day before the match, a local newspaper contained news that contained a quote from Eusebio, “Who is Kidd?” Kidd was not offended, instead he felt honored to be able to share the green field with his favorite players.

The rest is history, Kidd scored United’s last goal against Benfica after Bobby Charlton and Law scored the first 3 goals. Kidd lifted the Champions Cup trophy and United supporters sang “Eusebio I Say Kiddo Kiddo” which refers to the 1967 Beatles single Hello Goodbye.

Replace the lyrics “You say goodbye, I say hello” to the song with “Eusebio I say Kiddo” and you will get the most intelligent and witty chant as well as telling Eusebio who Brian Kidd really is. Whether the club emblem is attached to his shirt, United fans will keep in mind. As they sang in the Blaize Bishop, “Brian Kidd is still a Manc!”

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