Coach: McGregor Indeed Wants to Feel Khabib's Lockdown

Coach: McGregor Indeed Wants to Feel Khabib’s Lockdown

Coach Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh, said McGregor did want to feel the lockdown of Khabib Nurmagomedov in the fight at the UFC 229 before. Kavanagh acknowledged that there was a slight difference of opinion between him and McGregor in the strategy of facing the fight against Khabib. Kavanagh wanted McGregor to completely avoid the fight below while McGregor wanted to feel the lock battle against Khabib.

“We may have a slight difference of views about strategy. McGregor wants to feel the lock of Khabib. He seems to think ‘Come on, fight down. Let’s feel the lock,” Kavanagh was quoted as saying by Express.

In the first round, Kavanagh called McGregor able to serve the fight below against Khabib well.

“Indeed McGregor had a good moment at the start of the fight when there was a battle below. McGregor managed to be in the top position but Khabib then made a good move to turn things around and he became in the top position,” said Kavanagh.

Kavanagh suspected that McGregor really wanted to prove himself to face Khabib, who had been known as a locking expert.

“I don’t know, maybe this is a desire to appear competitive. If McGregor’s opponents are great at kicks, then maybe he will choose to exchange kicks and feel them.”

“If you are an expert in any case, then McGregor will say show me, show. So I think that’s what he wants to feel, “said Kavanagh.

McGregor himself finally gave up after getting a neck lock from Khabib in the fourth round. Many criticized McGregor’s performance in the match.

“I don’t know if that is McGregor’s ego, but I think it’s a curiosity from him.”

“If you see the result he got, he won two world class titles at the UFC, he did something good (overall),” said Kavanagh.

Khabib’s achievements also received tremendous response from the Russian people. Moreover, in the history of the UFC, there has never been a Russian fighter who could become a world champion. Not only that, Khabib was also listed as the first Muslim fighter to become a UFC world champion.

Kavanagh also admitted that Khabib was very worthy of being a UFC world champion, with what he currently has. Kavanagh also claimed to be a little disappointed with McGregor’s performance when dueling against Khabib some time ago.

“Khabib is extraordinary, an outstanding MMA fighter and also has a very effective fighting style. “His style is suffocating, without stopping, and he does it better than anyone else,” said Kavanagh, as quoted from Give Me Sport, Monday (10/15/2018).

“He deserves to be the current world champion. I must admit that Khabib was extraordinary when fighting against Connor. But that doesn’t mean without a gap, I see a lot of weaknesses in him. Hopefully if there is a repeat fight, we can use it, “he finished.

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