Esports: Buriram United Dominates over Bacon Time at the RPL Summer 2022

Esports: Buriram United Dominates over Bacon Time at the RPL Summer 2022

Buriram United played in the main match against another champion candidate Bacon Time on the opening day of the RPL Summer 2022.

In game 1, the new lineup of “Lightning Castle” played well and tried to drag it late but in the end could not stand up to the too green Aoi in the hands of AlmondP.

However, the next 3 games were a different story when Buriram was the team that took the initiative and the rookies took turns speaking.

In game 2, the new gunner Theworlds shot the machine with the card Laville. In game 3, it was Happy’s turn to score using Tachi in the jungle. Entering game 4, Happy continued to shine with the extremely “hot” champion in the ranked match, Wukong.

With a final 3-1 victory over Bacon, Buriram proved they are still a name that cannot be underestimated after parting with a series of stars.

Happy and Theworlds have all left their mark while NuNu, Overfly and KSSA are maintaining stable performance.

On the second day of competition, Buriram will face the runner-up of the RPL Winter 2021, Valencia CF Esports.

However, “The Bats” after losing a series of pillars completely lost their strength and easily lost to the King of Gamers club on the opening day.

Meanhile FirstOne, two other expected names of Paris Saint-Germain, Getsrch and NorNun, also played well. Thanks to a crisp victory over EVOS, PSG temporarily took the top spot of the RPL Summer 2022 after the first day of competition, showing part of the strength of the championship candidate.

On the 2nd day of the week 1 RPL Summer 2022, PSG promises to face more difficulties when encountering Bacon Time. On the opening day of the match, Getsrch’s old team lost to Buriram with a score of 1-3.

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