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FA Cup Final 2024: Manchester United Triumph Over Manchester City

The 2024 FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium was a pulsating contest that saw Manchester United clinch a 2-1 victory over their arch-rivals Manchester City. This match, eagerly anticipated by fans worldwide, not only lived up to its billing but also delivered an enthralling display of football, tactical acumen, and sheer determination.

The Build-Up

As the two Manchester giants prepared to face off, the atmosphere was electric. Manchester City, managed by Pep Guardiola, came into the game looking to add another trophy to their impressive haul. Meanwhile, Manchester United, under the stewardship of Erik ten Hag, aimed to finish their season on a high and secure their first FA Cup since 2016.

First Half: Early Goals and High Tension

The match began at a frantic pace, with Manchester United seizing the initiative. Just minutes into the game, United capitalized on a defensive lapse by City, with a swift counter-attack resulting in a goal that sent their fans into raptures. The scorer, showing incredible composure, slotted the ball past City’s goalkeeper, giving United a crucial early lead.

City, known for their possession-based play, quickly regrouped and pressed for an equalizer. Their efforts bore fruit midway through the first half when a well-worked move culminated in a precise finish, leveling the score at 1-1. The goal reignited the contest, setting the stage for a fiercely competitive encounter.

Second Half: Tactical Battles and the Decisive Goal

The second half saw both teams making tactical adjustments, aiming to gain the upper hand. Erik ten Hag’s strategy of pressing high and maintaining a solid defensive structure stifled City’s usually fluid attacking play. Manchester United’s defense held firm, repelling wave after wave of City attacks.

The decisive moment came late in the second half when Manchester United launched a rapid counter-attack. Exploiting the spaces left by City’s advancing players, United’s forward broke free and delivered a clinical finish to put his team ahead 2-1. This goal not only showcased United’s tactical discipline but also highlighted their effectiveness on the break.

Key Performances

Several players stood out in this high-stakes final. For Manchester United, the goalkeeper made crucial saves to keep them in the game, while the forwards demonstrated sharpness and precision in front of goal. United’s midfield, led by their captain, showed resilience and tactical awareness, effectively disrupting City’s rhythm.

Manchester City, despite their loss, had notable performances. Their midfielders controlled possession and created opportunities, but the lack of clinical finishing in the final third proved costly. City’s defense, though breached twice, showed moments of solid play and resilience.

Tactical Mastery

Erik ten Hag’s tactical prowess was evident throughout the match. His decision to employ a high press and quick transitions paid off handsomely. By denying City time on the ball and exploiting their high defensive line, United were able to control key moments of the game. Ten Hag’s ability to adapt and make crucial in-game adjustments was instrumental in securing the victory.

Pep Guardiola’s tactics, while effective in controlling possession, struggled against United’s organized defense. City’s inability to convert their dominance into goals highlighted a critical issue that Guardiola will likely address in future games.

Post-Match Reactions

The victory was a significant milestone for Erik ten Hag and his squad. Speaking after the match, ten Hag praised his players’ resilience and tactical execution, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and discipline. The win marked a triumphant end to his first season at Old Trafford, setting a strong foundation for future successes.

Pep Guardiola, in his post-match comments, acknowledged the challenge posed by Manchester United and highlighted the areas where his team fell short. Despite the disappointment, he expressed confidence in his squad’s ability to bounce back and compete for future titles.


The 2024 FA Cup Final was a showcase of high-quality football, tactical brilliance, and competitive spirit. Manchester United’s 2-1 victory over Manchester City was a testament to their growth under Erik ten Hag and their potential for future success. As the final whistle blew at Wembley, United’s players and fans celebrated a hard-fought win, ending their season on a high note.

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