Formsense, the Data Biomechanics Startup That Listens to the Body of Athletes

Formsense, the Data Biomechanics Startup That Listens to the Body of Athletes

Formsense, the Data Biomechanics Startup That Listens to the Body of Athletes

What is the impact of a sports practice without adequate technique? This is the initial question Formsense asks.

It is from this difficult question that the startup Formsense was built. This innovative biomechanical data company that uses smart wearables loaded with sensors to collect and interpret real-time movement information across the entire body.

In private testing with English Premier League, NBA and MLS franchises. The solution revolutionises the data capture approach, where previously the approach was a point-by-point collection rather on one or more muscles.

Formsense develops both compression tops and pants, with a particular focus on the lower body as the majority of elite athlete injuries occur in the legs.

The garments are equipped with 20 exclusive sensors designed from scratch, collecting the evolution data on the body of the physical effort.

Where most market trackers, such as GPS devices, fall short because they are limited to a single location on the body. Calculating an athlete’s overall load is now just a sensor on the body thanks to Formsense.

The formsense solution therefore makes it possible to address 3 sports priorities:

Avoid Injury

Detect shape changes more accurately than cameras by detecting changes at an early stage.

Accelerate Recovery

Track recovery progress in an objective, remote manner based on athlete data and physiotherapy efforts.

Maximize Performance

By identifying key biomechanical insights that are associated with performance, staff can better adjust protocols to achieve maximum results.

Like many sports tech companies, Formsense primarily targets pro-amateur athletics. This technology could well revolutionise the uses of large Franchises.

Indeed, professional athletes must carry out their movement analyses in biomechanical laboratories to be analysed there. This laboratory analysis is often expensive, long and beyond the reach of the general public.

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