Gabriel Jesus is nervous before kicking a penalty

Gabriel Jesus is nervous before kicking a penalty

Attacker Gabriel Jesus became the fifth penalty kicker for Brazil in the match against Paraguay. He carried out his duties well and brought Brazil through to the semifinals, despite overwhelming nervousness.

Brazil met Paraguay in the quarter-finals of the 2019 Copa America, Friday (28/06/2019) ago in Porto Alegre. Brazil appears dominant and gets lots of opportunities. There are eight kicks still on target.

However, none of the goals that could be created by the Selecao for 90 minutes the game goes. In fact, Uruguay must play with ten people.

After the match ended 0-0 at a normal time, the match continued on penalties. Gabriel Jesus advanced as the fifth kicker. The player from Manchester City successfully carried out the task. Brazil also won with a score of 4-3 over Paraguay.

Gabriel Jesus told me that he was very nervous about kicking the penalty. That happened because he failed to execute a penalty in the match against Peru.

“I failed to execute a penalty [against Peru]. I felt annoyed, annoyed and angry with myself. I did not kick the penalty in my own way,” said Gabriel Jesus on SportTV.

“We agreed, we had to kick it the way I used to. It made me feel a little worried,” said the 22-year-old player.

Gabriel Jesus got a lot of input after the failure to kick a penalty in the match against Peru. One of them by first looking at the position and direction of movement of the goalkeeper before taking a kick. Jesus also appeared smarter.

“After Clebinho [assistant coach of the Brazilian national team] saw it, I said that I accepted it. I became confident. I did it my way and scored,” Gabriel Jesus said.

“In the match before, I didn’t see the goalkeeper and I was just looking for the net. Now, I saw the goalkeeper, calm and focused. I saw the goalkeeper move to the left and I kicked in the opposite direction,” said Gabriel Jesus.

Brazil qualified for the Copa America 2019 semifinals for the first time since 2007. Furthermore, the Tite landing team will challenge Argentina who qualified for the semifinals by beating Venezuela 2-0.

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