Indonesia Entering into Final SEA Games with Problems

Indonesia Entering into Final SEA Games with Problems

One more step for Indonesian national team to bring the 2019 SEA Games gold medal.

The Red and White squad stepped into the final of the SEA Games after defeating Myanmar 4-2 through an extra round of 2×15 minutes.

Indra Sjafri’s squad had to struggle to face Myanmar in the semifinals. Not because Myanmar is playing impressive, but because of a number of problems that still remain in the Garuda squad.

Indonesia indeed dominates the game. Evan Dimas and his friends were able to make the attacks jammed opponents from midfield.

The Red and White squad even showed aggressive play continuing to suppress the opponent’s defense. The team directed by Velizar Popov has even been troubled several times in anticipation of Indonesian attacks.

Myanmar survived the aggressive Red and White squad in the first round. In the second half, Indonesia was able to double the ball into the goal of Myanmar through Evan Dimas and Egy Maulana Vikri.

However, Garuda Muda still leaves a number of gaps. One of them is the Red and White game is still not consistent, especially in defense.

Indonesian players often lose concentration maintaining defense. Evidenced by the two goals that successfully netted by Myanmar in just one minute interval.

Myanmar’s first goal was scored by Aung Kaung Mann in the 67th minute due to Zulfiandi’s mistake. The Indonesian midfielder made a foul bait to benefit the Myanmar attackers in Indonesia’s defense. Kaung Mann who is in an advantageous position did not waste the opportunity to become a goal to reduce the score.

A minute later, Indonesia again conceded, this time through Win Naing Tun’s goal. The Myanmar striker’s goal was created due to the fatal blunder of the Red and White goalkeeper, Nadeo Arga Winata.

Borneo FC goalkeeper did not catch the ball perfectly so regardless of his catch. The ball was then successfully won by Naing Tun who immediately fired a shot at the goal of Indonesia and scored.

As many as Myanmar’s two goals forced the match up to 2×15 minutes of extra time. Indonesia could only rise and score two match goals at that time through Osvaldo Haay and Evan Dimas.

Bait mistakes are still occurring among the Red and White squad players. This situation often creates dangerous situations in the Indonesian defense.

Indonesia is also still inconsistent in the final settlement. The attacks compiled by the Red and White players are also still ineffective.

The Red and White squad could have won more than four goals if a number of chances were successfully converted in the first half.

If only that scenario happened, Indonesia would be able to ‘end’ the resistance of the White Angels since the beginning of the match.

With the trio of Osvaldo Haay, Egy Maulana Vikri, and Saddil Ramdani, Garuda Muda should have a goal party against Myanmar. Moreover, The White Angels also often do wrong coordination in defense.

One more weakness of the players is the problem of controlling temperament on the field. Players like Osvaldo Haay are often provoked by emotions from opposing players.

The situation certainly does not benefit the Garuda Muda squad if the player must be driven out of the field.

However, some positive progress was also able to be shown by Indonesian players. Among these are aggressive games and continued pressure so that opponents find it difficult to develop the game.

This kind of game model must certainly be defended in the 2019 SEA Games final match. If that method is carried out consistently while minimizing a number of shortcomings, Garuda Muda can snatch gold.

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