Japan Presents VALORANT Esports League for Local Scenes

Japan Presents VALORANT Esports League for Local Scenes

While not having as high a frenetic level as in the west, slowly but surely, VALORANT in Asia is starting to give rise to the seeds of a competitive scene. In June 2020, the seeds for the competitive scene in Japan emerged through the RAGE Invitational tournament. Now, Japan is again breaking into the VALORANT scene by holding its first competition with a league competition.

Titled Mildom Masters, this competition played 8 local Japanese teams. Citing the release published by TheSpike.gg as the official partner for Mildom Masters, the eight teams competing are Absolute JUPITER, SCARZ, REJECT, CYCLOPS, Sengoku Gaming, FAV gaming, SunSister Rapid, and Connect Gaming.

They will compete from August 20 to October 1 2020, in a best-of-one series every Thursday of every week. Later the top four teams from the Round Robin round will continue to the next round. The Playoff Round will compete for rank 3 and 4 in the best-of-one series to determine who will compete with the 2nd place filler, held on October 8, 2020.

While on the other hand, the 1st place filler will immediately advance to the Grand Final round, against the results of the match between the 2nd place filler and the winner of the Playoff round which was held on 8 October 2020 previously. The Grand Final itself will be held on 15 October 2020.

Regarding organizing this tournament, Keisuke Shimizu, Esports Director of Mildom gave his comments. I’m excited to announce the VALORANT Mildom Masters. Mildom is a new streaming platform in Japan. We want to be able to contribute by creating a local Japanese user base for our platform, so that they can achieve success on a world level. This is just the start. We ask for support from various parties to make this dream come true. “

Later the tournament will be broadcast on a local Japanese streaming platform, Mildom. Not only that, the match will also be broadcast on the Twitch channel THESPIKE.GG, as the official partner for the tournament.

So far, Absolute JUPITER is still the favorite team. At the RAGE Invitational which was held last June, the team managed to become the winner after Lag Gaming. Absolute JUPITER itself contains the ranks of former CS: GO players, who in 2018 competed in the CS: GO competition under the name Absolute.

At the RAGE Invitational, Absolute JUPITER managed to beat the big names in the Japanese scene, such as AVALON GAMING, Nora-Renggo, also including SunSister Rapid.

Approximately, will JUPITER also become the winner of the first local VALORANT league in the world?

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