Kamaru Usman, the UFC Champion Often Said to Have Boring Fighting Style

Kamaru Usman, the UFC Champion Often Said to Have Boring Fighting Style

Kamaru Usman is a UFC star who is often said to have a boring fighting style. Usman’s record at the UFC is evidence for supporters of this assumption.

In his career as a professional fighter, Usman has a record 17 wins and only one defeat. The only defeat Usman suffered in the second match at the CFA event when he lost to Jose Caceres.

Since joining and fighting under the UFC banner, Usman has always won in the 11 fights he has played.

The welterweight belt has also wrapped around his waist since he beat Tyron Woodley in 2019. Usman has also successfully defended his title twice, when he fought against Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal.

Even though he has an impressive record at UFC, Usman is not always covered with positive comments. Many also consider Usman to be a boring fighter.

One of the reasons is that Usman has nine wins from points from the 11 wins he has picked up at the UFC so far.

Usman has great wrestling techniques and this is what allows him to dominate the fight and win points through the decision to win in absolute numbers, aka the three judges who always win it.

Even though he is dominant in ground fighting, Usman also does not have an impressive record of winning submissions. He has only collected submission wins once.

Usman had given evidence that he was not always a fighter which was considered boring. In a title duel against Covington, Usman won by TKO in the fifth round.

But then a number of UFC fans returned to giving Usman the nickname of a boring fighter in a duel against Masvidal.

Usman vs Masvidal match was greeted with great fanfare because Masvidal is one of the eccentric fighters at UFC. But in the match that took place, Masvidal was helpless and continued to be pressured by Usman’s wrestling action.

Usman’s stamping stance when he pressed Masvidal was even a mockery.

Usman himself has answers to the ridicule and boring nicknames that lead to him.

“There was a moment when people started hating Floyd Mayweather because he was so dominant. Floyd’s Defense was really good and he was really good at it. Everyone agreed on that. Then everyone started saying, ‘No, that’s boring. He doesn’t fight.’ Do people really want a bar fight like that? “

“Fighters risk life on the octagon. What does it mean to train every day and then come with the determination to get a hit? Fighters train to miss their opponent’s shot, so they can dominate the game. That’s the goal of training. I do it better than anyone,” said Usman, quoted as saying from Sportskeeda.

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