Khabib Helps 50 People Out of Drug Addiction

Khabib Helps 50 People Out of Drug Addiction

Khabib Nurmagomedov is said to have had a big influence in Dagestan, Russia, because he helped dozens of people escape drug dependence and illegal drugs.

As if he was rewarding himself, Khabib got one MMA fighter out of 50 people who had recovered from his drug addiction. The man is a professional MMA fighter, Magomedzaid Zaidov, who openly explains The Eagle’s kindness to him in escaping from drug abuse.

This recognition came from Khabib’s colleague, Magomedzaid Zaidov, who was a fighter in the Eagle Fighting Championship, a mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter supported by Khabib.

Zaidov himself was one of the people Khabib helped to escape from the snare of this black world. The fighter who competed in the welterweight class had been a drug user for seven years before being helped by Khabib.

“Khabib is very closely involved in the process of helping people who are addicted. There are many people being helped, 50 people are being helped by rehabilitation,” Zaidov said.

“He [Khabib] also helps their financial needs, and there are many people who are in trouble and need people with full authority to motivate them,” he continued as quoted by Sport Express.

Zaidov said Khabib is doing a lot to help people from Dagestan get rid of drug addiction.

“Khabib came to pay attention, talk to them. It is more expensive than just financial assistance. That attention is so valuable. Khabib helps a lot in this,” explained Zaidov.

“But the attention he paid was even more valuable. Khabib helped a lot of people from the area where he grew up.

The figure who is still registered as the UFC lightweight champion is known to have high concern for his native region.

Maagomedzaid Zaidov has come out of the drug trap since taking advice from Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Now, Zaidov has entered Khabib Nurmagomedov’s MMA promotion event.

Previously, he won two victories in his first professional MMA fight in October 2019 by making TKO Islam Kamaldinov.

Then he won the second victory from Zamirbek Toktobaev at GFC 26 (now EFC), July 2020.

Some time ago, Khabib expressed his wish that children in Dagestan prioritize education before learning to fight.

“If someone without a brain gets strong, then this is a socially dangerous person. You’re on instagram, apart from haha ​​[kidding], tell friends to study a little. It’s my job and you to tell the kids: first- of all you need to study, and then practice, “said Khabib.

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