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Kingston Hill wins the season’s final

The 9 – 4 favorite Kingston Hill has won the final match against Romsdal and Snow Sky on Saturday at Doncaster. The race was really interesting. The horse was the Roger Varian trained one and it was the same horse which Andrea Atzeni held before. For horse, Atzeni said, “I rode him like the best horse in the race, he travelled beautifully. When I pulled him out he was always going to get there.”
On the other side Romsdal moved up for the strike of race. Romsdal was third in Epsom Derby and just then Kingston Hill began his race against Romsdal and third eventual one Snow Sky. Before winning the race Kingston Hill was a bit nervous and he was totally in a fix regarding the British Classic race this time. The win by Kingston Hill was completely contentment for Varian. During the last season Varian finally decided to colt out Great Voltigeur and Irish Derby at York. The horse which Kingston Hill was fast and it made him win the challenge. It was a great race and the hopes from fans of Kingston Hill were high and as a result Kingston Hill finally proved himself. Kingston Hill on winning the race said, “I am so pleased for the horse and for him to win a classic is brilliant.”His victory showed that Kingston is much pleased by his horse and for sure he is looking towards more successful victories a head.
This race was a boost for Epsom Derby 2014 and after the victory of Kingston it really turned to be. Before this race Australia was always the winner of premier Classic back in June. But this time turnaround was amazing as Romsdal and Kingston Hill filled up the first two places and this victory was then named as “franking the form”. It was later in news then and it was highlighted as, “The Arc looks to be the next target for Kingston Hill, and what an interesting new dynamic the colt adds to that race, especially as it’s traditionally run on the type of rain-softened going he relishes.”_77527995_77480609
So with the victory of Kingston Hill, his fans around the globe were much amazed and it is a fact that he worked totally hard for this season’s final class and he finally earned up great name. Now the fingers are crossed for his next race. Let’s see what he is going to do!

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