Lionel Messi Scorned by PSG Fans, Sergio Aguero: La Pulga Must Leave Parc des Princes!

Lionel Messi Scorned by PSG Fans, Sergio Aguero: La Pulga Must Leave Parc des Princes!

Lionel Messi was booed by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) fans after suffering an embarrassing defeat to Rennes in the 2022-2023 French League continuation. Not accepting the bad treatment of his compatriots, Sergio Aguero also suggested that La Pulga -nicknamed Lionel Messi – leave the Parc des Princes.

Yes, Lionel Messi failed to save Les Parisiens -nicknamed PSG- from defeat when they hosted Rennes in the 2022-2023 French League continuation match. Playing at the Parc des Princes, Sunday 19 March 2023, PSG were defeated by a score of 0-2 from Rennes.

After the match, there was an incident where Lionel Messi was booed by PSG fans. The mockery of the superstar number 30 occurred when La Pulga walked into the Parc des Princes locker room right after the final whistle.

Responding to the ridicule of PSG fans against Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero also stepped up to defend his compatriot. The former Barcelona and Manchester City bomber regretted the actions of the supporters and PSG themselves who had not appreciated La Pulga.

“PSG will never reach the level of greatness like Barcelona or the top teams … different from this kind of (boiled) behavior. No stars are (treated) like that. (Should) be able to dedicate themselves to them,” said Sergio Aguero quotes from Soha Vn, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

According to Sergio Aguero, Lionel Messi has fought it out to show his best game at the age of 35 this year. Instead, he believes that PSG’s defeat was not because of Lionel Messi, but that the French League giants lacked solidity and were only formed because of money.

“He (Messi) tried his best at that age. The response was suspicion and a boycott after only one defeat?! The problem is not with Messi but in the essence of this team. PSG was built on money, no tradition, no desire,” said Sergio Aguero.

“You can’t spend money on players and use the pressure of money to dictate results. Even at Manchester City we have had defeats that hurt but the fans never look away because they know the whole team is trying their best. Those values make for tradition.” continued Sergio Aguero.

In the end, Sergio Aguero advised Lionel Messi to leave PSG this summer of 2023. His close friend wants La Pulga to return to the old club that made his name, namely Barcelona or another club that will make his career shine again.

“Two years in Paris is enough Leo. Come back to Barcelona or wherever you want, as long as it’s not here,” said Sergio Aguero.

The relationship between Lionel Messi and the audience for the French team has generally been tenuous since the 2022 World Cup. He is also considered by PSG fans as the cause of Les Parisiens’ failure in the Champions League.

“For sure after every defeat, they will blame whoever has the vision. First Neymar, now it’s Leo and Kylian’s turn later. My condolences to the true PSG fans. But, what I said is factual and you probably know best.” .

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