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Liverpool Luis Diaz’s Father Kidnapped

Liverpool footballer Luis Diaz’s father, Luis Manuel Diaz, was reportedly kidnapped by the National Liberation Army (ELN) Rebellion Group. Luis Manuel Diaz was kidnapped while he was with his wife.

At that time, Luis Diaz’s parents were traveling by car. However, CCTV footage shows the car driven by Luis Manuel and his wife being followed by a motorbike rider. They were then approached by armed men when they stopped at a gas station in Barrancas, La Guajira, which was the scene of the incident.

After that, Luis Diaz’s mother was rescued. On the other hand, the father, Luis Manuel, was taken by the kidnappers. Hundreds of police and soldiers have been deployed to find Luis Manuel Diaz’s whereabouts.

The Colombian National Police have even issued a leaflet offering a reward of 50,000 thousand dollars for information regarding the kidnapping of Luis Manuel Diaz. Now, the kidnapping incident of Luis Manuel is starting to show some light. Because the Colombian government already knows the actor behind the kidnapping of Luis Diaz’s father.

According to a BBC News report, the Colombian government said that Luis Diaz’s father was kidnapped by the National Liberation Army (ELN) Rebel Group. The ELN is a group that has been involved in conflict with the Colombian government since 1964. This group with 2,500 members is active in the border area with Venezuela, where Luis Manuel and his wife, Cillenis Marulanda, live.

The head of negotiations between the government delegation and the ELN, Otty Patino, demanded that the ELN immediately release Luis Diaz’s father. “We remind the ELN that kidnapping is a criminal act that violates international humanitarian law,” said Otty, quoted by the BBC. According to El Tiempo’s report, the ELN is ready to release Luis Manuel in the next few hours.

Meanwhile, Liverpool has provided full support for the incident that happened to Luis Diaz. Liverpool also presented Luis Diaz with a victory over Nottingham Forest in Week 10 of the 2023-2024 Premier League. At that time, Luis Diaz was not included in the Liverpool team because of the kidnapping case that occurred to his parents.

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