Manchester United Big Win Against Club Brugge

Manchester United Big Win Against Club Brugge

Manchester United indeed won a big win over Club Brugge in the Europe League. Luck played a big role in the positive results of the Red Devils.

Looking at the final results on the scoreboard, the 5-0 score is a crushing and convincing achievement for a team that emerges as a winner.

Manchester United was quite convincing in the match against Brugge, but that only happened after the 22nd minute.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team tried to appear aggressive by carrying out attacks from the right and left wing, as well as half space, as well as the middle corridor of the field.

Eager to attack since the referee Serdar Gozubuyuk blew the whistle kick off, Manchester United goalkeeper who escorted Sergio Romero actually almost broke in the early minutes.

A quick counter-attack from the visitors at the start of the match which was kicked off by Simon Mignolet, failed to be well anticipated by Manchester United’s defense line is coordinated by the world’s most expensive defender.

Harry Maguire had to fall and stand guarding the movement of David Okereke. Maguire, Eric Bailly, and Romero almost humiliated by the Brugge attacker.

In the penalty box, Maguire also had to use his hands to prevent Okereke’s movements from falling. Luckily for Manchester United, the court judge did not blow the whistle.

Manchester United who controls the ball is more dominant enough to have difficulty penetrating the defense of the Blue Black team from Belgium who play with a 3-4-3 formation.

Even Brugge had again threatened through a counterattack, but Mats Rits failed to direct the ball into the goal that Romero had left. Good fortune again sided with Manchester United. If who was in that position was a player with an instinct to score high goals, Manchester United could have been left behind in the 11th minute.

After the chance of the Rits, Manchester United controlled the match through Bruno Fernandes. The Portuguese midfielder appeared as the keeper of the rhythm of the game and through the Fernandes backheel action, there was the chance of Daniel James who was later carelessly arrested by Simon Deli.

The Brugge defender decides to dispel the ball with his hand inside the penalty box. This is Manchester United’s great fortune in this match. Not only getting a kick from white dot, Manchester United also got a breath of fresh air.

Brugge games with 10 people are very different compared to normal times. Manchester United was then easily scored goal by goal which guarantees a ticket to the last 16 of the Europa League.

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