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Mentally disturbed, Richarlison will seek treatment from a psychologist

Tottenham Hotspur player Richarlison is reported to be trying to visit a psychologist to treat the mental problems he is experiencing. The cause of the mental problems that Richarlison is facing is not known for certain, but there are many rumours circulating that this is due to a conflict with his agent, Renato Velasco.

Velasco is the agent who has accompanied Richarlison since the beginning of his professional career as a player. However, according to Brazilian media O Globo, Richarlison and Velasco’s friendship and partnership has ended.

The cause is unknown, but it is reportedly related to Richarlison’s valuation which fell after joining Tottenham. The club from North London recruited Richarlison from Everton with a dowry of 58 million Euros.

Unfortunately the price is not commensurate with the performance, Richarlison experienced infertility with only scoring four goals in 40 appearances. Velasco was reportedly disappointed because he had promoted Richarlison to The Lillywhites – Tottenham’s nickname – at an exorbitant price.

The conflict with the agent made Richarlison so devastated that he experienced mental problems. Richarlison also quipped at the agent after Brazil narrowly won 1-0 over Peru in the 2026 World Cup Qualification match which took place at the Estadio Nacional, Lima, Wednesday (13/9/2023).

“I went through a tumultuous time in the last five months off the field. “People who only care about my money stay away from me,” said Richarlison as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (15/9/2023).

Richarlison appeared to be crying when he was taken off when Brazil slaughtered Bolivia 5-1 in the previous match in the 2026 World Cup Qualification event on Saturday (9/9/2023). His eyes filled with tears on the bench at the Estadio Edgar Augusto Proenca, Belem, after being pulled off in the 71st minute.

“The sad moment wasn’t because I played badly, in my opinion, I didn’t play a bad game in Belem,” said Richarlison.

“It was more of an outburst about things that happened off the pitch, that got out of hand. “not from me, but from people close to me,” he said again. Richarlison also admitted that he would seek treatment from a psychologist in London after returning from the Samba Team squad – the nickname for the Brazilian National Team -. 

Richarlison hopes that his sharpness will return to normal after consulting with professionals. “I will return to England, seek psychological help, from a psychologist, to improve my mind. That’s it, come back stronger. “I’m sure I will be in the next squad,” said Richarlison.

“I will work for it. “It’s about getting a good record at Tottenham, this week I will sit down and talk to them. I need a good record, get the rhythm of the game,” he continued. “Now things will start to flow, I’m sure I will get a good performance at Tottenham and make things happen again,” he concluded.

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