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Messi Go to Miami Makes Beckham Cried

One of the owners of Inter Miami, David Beckham, was made to cry after Lionel Messi joined the Florida-based club. Beckham’s struggle to bring Messi to Inter Miami was very long. Why not? The Man United legend has approached Messi since 2019 or five years ago.

According to Beckham, he met Lionel Messi’s father to ask his son to join Inter Miami. “We have been talking to Lionel Messi’s father for a long time, five years to be precise,” said Beckham. “My partner and I snuck into a hotel to meet Leo’s father, before he signed a contract with us,” he continued. “I said to him (Messi’s father) ‘I know Leo is not ready at the moment, but I want your son to play at my club in the future.”

After that, Messi decided to leave Barcelona. The striker nicknamed La Pulga then joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2021. Messi’s journey at PSG lasted for two years. The Argentinian star was then asked to make a decision about a new club in 2023. Therefore, Inter Miami then reopened discussions to recruit Lionel Messi.

“Five years down the road, we know there are decisions to be taken because Leo announced he was leaving PSG,” said Beckham. Beckham, who was in Japan, noticed that his phone kept ringing. “At four or five in the morning, I was sleeping in Japan and my phone kept ringing,” said the former Real Madrid player. “Victoria (Beckham’s wife) elbowed me and said ‘Turn off the phone, we need to sleep because of jetlag’,” continued Beckham.

It turned out that Beckham’s phone kept ringing with news about Messi’s decision to join Inter Miami. Beckham’s tears came out. He couldn’t help but cry after hearing the news that Messi had chosen to go to Inter Miami.

When Beckham cried, Victoria could not understand. She thought Beckham was crying because there was sad news. “I reached out, put on the glasses, and then saw ‘Leo Messi decided to come to Inter Miami’. “I sat up in bed and started crying,” Beckham said. “Victoria then said something like ‘What happened, what happened, who died?’. “Then I said ‘Leo is coming’,” said the former England national team player.

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