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Norris: No regrets over new McLaren F1 deal

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Lando Norris, McLaren Formula 1 driver, showed no remorse regarding missing an opportunity at Mercedes. He committed to McLaren before Lewis Hamilton bombed the F1 driver market with his Ferrari switch in 2025.

Norris and McLaren has re-engaged in a multi year deal, which will supersede any current contract between the two. The deal emerged a week before Hamilton’s decision announcement to move from Mercedes to Ferrari.

Reportedly, the Brit had signed the paperwork well in advance of the announcement. It shows that he did not sing the contract in a tight timeline. However, he made clear that he had “no regrets” despite new openings and his renewed commitment with the team.

Norris said: “No, I’m very happy. I could have waited; I had the choice and I knew opportunities were potentially coming my way. I knew what opportunities I had at the time, last year and coming into this year and what could have happened or what is happening over the next couple of years anyway. So, no regrets from any side.”

Hamilton decision to switch for Ferrari shook the F1 sport. But reports suggests that Norris and his McLaren team mate Oscar Piastri knew about the deal before hand.

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Norris remained optimistic about McLaren future as the team onboarded new engineers. It signed David Sanchez from Ferrari as wind tunnel engineer and Rob Marshall from Red Bull who served as chief engineering officer.

He continued: “I’m confident in my team and confident in what we’ve been able to achieve and what we can achieve going into the future. I’m very happy with where I am.

“Of course, I could be happier if we were achieving more of the goals that I think we all want to achieve.

“But the main point is: I’m enjoying my time with the guys that I’m with. For me, that’s always a big part of my life – I want to enjoy where I am.

“I think that’s an important part of trying to improve as a team at the same time and knowing everyone and pushing everyone.

“Everyone’s capable of getting to the goal of being the top team in Formula 1. So, very happy.”

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