R7 Plans to Return to Competitive MLBB Next Year

R7 Plans to Return to Competitive MLBB Next Year

R7, former RRQ Hoshi star player, announced plans to make a comeback to the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) competition no later than next year. In this announcement, he also stated that his main target was a certain international event.

Not only loyal RRQ fans, all MLBB fans have of course been waiting for the return of the legend, namely R7. Known as one of the best EXP laners, R7 has become a role model for many players, including pro players.

R7 decided to take a break from MLBB competition after the M4 World Championship in Jakarta ended in January 2023. This decision was taken because of hand health problems which were starting to interfere with his performance. R7’s absence had a significant impact on RRQ Hoshi’s performance. The EXP laner position in the team has undergone many changes, with Lemon, Banana, Dyrenn, and now Donn taking turns filling it.

Since R7 took a break, RRQ Hoshi has experienced a decline in competitiveness. This team has not succeeded in winning the title and is having difficulty reaching the MPL ID grand final and participating in international events.

R7 has now expressed his desire to return to the MLBB competition, with his main target being to join the Indonesian MLBB national team. This was expressed in the talk content on Rigen Rakelna’s YouTube channel entitled “LAPER PAK”. R7 stated that he is targeting the next SEA Games as his main goal.

“Personally, if I’m not world champion, I’m not satisfied. “So we still want to win the M-Series, or if not, get a gold medal at the SEA Games,” said R7 to Rigen.

R7 also expressed his desire to participate again in the SEA Games. “I want to be able to take part in the SEA Games again. If there is an independent registration route, I will join, because last year (2021) I only got silver in Hanoi. So I still want to try fighting again,” he added.

The 33rd SEA Games which will be held in Thailand in 2025 is R7’s main target. This means that at the latest he will return from his break next year. It will be interesting to see how R7 struggles to return to the competitive MLBB scene and become part of the Indonesian MLBB national team at the 2025 SEA Games. Even though he has to start from scratch, his determination to make the nation proud is unwavering.

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