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Sainz: Ferrari F1 struggles “deserves privacy”


Carlos Sainz, Ferrari Formula 1 driver, claims of struggles with his Ferrari F1 2022 car. But he does not disclose the specifics claiming “privacy” for the team which will require “trial and error” to resolve the issues.

The Spaniard has struggled so far with his F1-75 and remain helpless to extract much from it like his team-mate Charles Leclerc. He endured similar feelings at Spanish Grand Prix, where he dropped down the order with a spin.

The resolution of his issues are tied with the understanding and comfort of the car. He admitted that he struggles with the “pointy” behavior on the turn-in from the front end of the car

Sainz opt not to answer the specific characteristics that restrict his performance. He claims the situation is very complicated.

“It’s very specific,” he said. “It’s a lot of detail. It is probably just too much to put into an interview, or to put into words. Because I think it also deserves some privacy and some team confidential things.

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“I think you can see from the cameras and from everywhere that I’m not there yet with the car compared to last year. And I’m not bragging naturally that the car is a bit too pointy for my liking.

“But that’s the way it goes. You can either adapt yourself or you can bring your car a bit more to your liking.

“These two things, they take time and they take knowledge and experience. It takes mistakes, it takes trial and error. And this is what I am in the process of now.”

Sainz in bad light

Sainz claims his performances is being over-shadowed by his team mate. Leclerc is contending world championship title with the same Ferrari.

“He’s driving at a very high level,” he explained. “He’s putting together super impressive lap times, with an aggressive way of driving.

“I can only admire and try in some ways to copy, and in other ways to try to put it a bit more to my liking to be faster.”

Sainz is optimistic that he will soon be able to extract more from his car.

“I keep the positivity and the motivation to turn things around as soon as possible,” he said. “It’s not been easy.

“You can probably see from the onboards and from the mistakes, that I’m struggling quite a bit to drive this car and to understand how to extract the maximum out of it.

“I’m having to think out of the box, drive out of the box. And with this comes mistakes, and learning things that I’m having to learn.

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