Saksa and MidOne Join, Here is the Complete OG Roster for the 2020 Season!

Saksa and MidOne Join, Here is the Complete OG Roster for the 2020 Season!

Complete OG complementary players for the 2020 season. After previously bringing Sumail to the Priemere True Sight stage, now Martin “Saksa” Sazdov and Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng officially joined Notail and Topson.

The two players are indeed widely linked as potential successors to JerAx and Ceb. However, the meeting information from the two of them made the fans just guess.

MidOne formed a team after a three-year service period with Secret named SEAM, but the team did not have a memorable achievement. As one of the most qualified players who are free of contracts, of course many teams are attracted to ask for it.

MidOne once again defended Secret for ONE Esports Invitational Singapore to play a support role 4. For OG, he was able to challenge his teeth as an offlaner. Under the care of the Ceb of course, MidOne would be terrible for the opponent’s carry.

While Saksa is already known as a capable support 4. The most classy achievement might be when he won The International runner-up in 2016. From there his career went up by joining NiP, only his achievements actually declined.

Saksa chose to break after TI 2019 did not end well, then Notail contacted him and invited him to join OG. On the night of OG Night he said, “One day I was in a cafe and I got a message from Notail asking me to join OG. At first I thought I was offered to enter OG .seed. I am very honored to be in a team with them.”

But that’s not all OG’s new addition, DOTA 2 fans especially the Twitch public will go crazy because the popular streamer Gorgc is also in the auspices of OG.

Unfortunately, he was not offered the position of the player but only the content creator. Gorgc has lately often played together with OG retainers such as Notail, Ceb and Topson. The newest stream might be even more lively with the concept of collaborative streams like that.

Some of the content that they want to bring besides streams together can also comment on OG matches in qualifications and tournaments.

Wow, it’s getting crowded OG. What do you think of the new TI Winner line-up?

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