Shaquille O’Neal Backs Ja Morant After Controversial Celebration

Shaquille O’Neal Backs Ja Morant After Controversial Celebration

Shaquille O’Neal Backs Ja Morant After Controversial Celebration

Shaquille O’Neal has thrown his support behind Ja Morant after the young star’s controversial return to the Memphis Grizzlies.

Following a 25-game suspension, Morant’s celebratory antics have sparked debate, but his on-court impact is undeniable – the Grizzlies haven’t lost a game since his return, winning all four contests.

However, in the clash against the New Orleans Pelicans, the point guard celebrated a point alluding to weapons. The legendary pivot then minimised the action.

That’s because Shaq shared a comment on his social media that defended the Grizzlies star. In the publication, an X user (formerly Twitter ) pointed out the celebration as normal.

“For God’s sake, Ja Morant wasn’t using pistols or a bazooka. The local fans knew exactly what it was,” the fan wrote.

Morant’s past, involving gun ownership and gun-related actions on social media, made him a controversial figure last season among NBA fans.

As a result, the league forced him to participate in a program that addressed his behaviour. The star returned to action on December 19th and his impact on the Grizzlies was immediate.

It’s worth remembering that this isn’t the first time that Shaquille O’Neal has defended Ja Morant. When he returned to the team, the Los Angeles Lakers idol praised his story.

“This is how you come back. That’s quite a comeback story. It’s probably one of the best comeback stories I’ve ever seen.” Shaq said.

“The young man made a mistake. But he served his sentence and paid his debts. He didn’t complain and accepted. Then he came back with that look.” Shaq added.

The Memphis Grizzlies have had a disastrous start to the season. The franchise has won only nine of 28 games and, as a result, is in second-to-last place in the West.

The team, however, found a possible  point of reaction  in the last few days. After a long suspension, star Ja Morant debuted in the campaign with three good performances and revived the Grizzlies’ playoff chances.

“I’m not surprised by Ja’s return as the kid is a superstar. I always knew that when he returned, he would cause chaos and set the court on fire.” ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith said.

“He’s on the top shelf in this league because he’s a simply unstoppable player. He’s a force on the court that no one can stop when he decides to get into the paint. It’s that simple.” he added.

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