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The exceeding cases of Forged Casino Chips

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The life of the Casino and casino playing has always been associated with the glamorous lifestyle and people, precisely men, across the world wish to be part of this exciting, attracting and glamorous lifestyle. This also has led to the establishment of many casinos across the world and this comes as no wonder when people from all over the world strive harder to access to any of these renowned casinos.

A different way to spend your money

Except for Las Vegas, which is considered as the center of the casino, in many cities a few famous casinos rests. The way to spend in the casino is not direct and if you wish to spend a good amount of  money of even the smallest amount, you have to transform your money into chips, colorful chip, each color has been designated to carry the different value of the amount, which you need to bet on the game. If you are lucky enough, you can steal the night by becoming the richest of all or the worst can happen, you can become a bankrupt here. Well, it all depends on the strong luck you have come along with or the technique of betting at the right game at the right time.

Casino chips, a good idea or way to get forged

The idea of transforming the money into the casino chips may sound interesting and colorful, but it also has given way to many frauds to come up with a new way of stealing money. Many men have been arrested on the terms of fraud casino chips. They are entering the casinos with their own chips and winning or loosing without spending nothing.

A recent case can be an eye-opener for many casino owners and help them prevent something alike happening to them. In Singapore, which is another very renowned name in the world of casino, a 40 year aged Malaysian man has been arrested on the suspect of being indulged into the case of fraud casino chips. The investigation is done in August, 2011 and the forged chips are used at the casino situated in Marina Bay Sands. Four men were also arrested for the same.


The total fake chips to be discovered were 287 and the estimated price value for this were somewhere around $1000. All the chips have been ceased. All the investigation was done under the assistance of the Royal Malaysian Police and five frauds have been punished fairly for the misdeeds they have done.

The incident gives a fair instance for the other casinos in every corner of the world to be aware of these sorts of frauds and come with the high security level and the better techniques to identify the auentication of the coins they issue.

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