This is the reason Sumail-Topson is a harmonious duet for OG

This is the reason Sumail-Topson is a harmonious duet for OG

At the inaugural title of True Sight last night (28/1), it was revealed that OG had completed the arrival of Sumail Syed Hassan as the newest player.

Sumail, who was famous when his tenure with Evil Geniuses, officially changed his jersey. The moving rumors surrounding him turned out to be unproven and the young Pakistani was impatient to play with the record holder of the International 100% win rate, Topson.

Why are Topson and Sumail predicted to be compatible? If likened to a magnet, there are several reasons that make the “poles” between the two of them would be attached, instead of rejecting each other.

First, even though both are midlaners, Topson and Sumail’s style of play is very different. Topson is a midlane playmaker who likes to make a fuss here and there. As a result of the hobby of bullying opponents, Topson prefers rotation than tearing down the tower mid first.

While Sumail is a midlaner who has high mechanical ability in laning, knows how to farm quickly and effectively, and is more concerned with objectives than early maneuvers. Many professional players claim that it is difficult to beat the laning stage Sumail relies solely on mechanical skills.

At a glance, Sumail and Ana are very similar. Both start from the mid filler which is now a carry. Because they are good at making money, both can be trusted using heroes like Alchemist, Phantom Lancer and Slark as safelane and let Topson mess up from early to mid-game.

Sumail also has a story that reminds us of Ana. Both of them are runny kids who are trusted to carry out heavy tasks in large teams. Ana replaces Miracle-wonderboy, while Sumail should be able to make fans forget the services of Arteezy.

Amazingly, the two children were able to do it in a short time. Sumail won the DOTA 2 Asia Championship as her first major success, while Ana made OG go back and forth to win the Major and twice the International.

Departing from the romance of Sumail-Ana, that’s what made Topson can immediately adjust. Sumail is probably one of the few midlaners who received respect from Topson given their fierce meeting on TI8. Topson did not pay as usual because he still lost the class when fighting face to face two years ago.

So for OG fans, there is no need to worry if there is an overlapping role in this brand-new roster. Especially to hear the words of Ceb who will make a meta dual midlane. Sumail is the best replacement for Ana, Topson won’t feel lost at all.

So can’t wait to see their duo in ESL One Los Angeles qualifiers.

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