Two Years Vacant, Team Secret Now Returns to the World of Esports CS: GO

Two Years Vacant, Team Secret Now Returns to the World of Esports CS: GO

Team Secret is widely known by esports fans as an organization engaged in the world of Dota 2, but they also have teams in a number of other competition branches. One of them is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive aka CS: GO. The CS: GO division was launched by Team Secret in 2016, and is uniquely made up of roster who are all women. Unfortunately the division only lasted for a year, and Team Secret was vacuum from the world of CS: GO.

Now, two and a half years since the division was disbanded, Team Secret has finally returned to the world of CS: GO. They hooked five players who were previously the M1X team roster. The name M1X is indeed not very well-known because its members consist of young players, but they already have a number of achievements in CS: GO small scale competitions. Recently M1X ranked 10th in the online competitionFACEIT Esports Championship Series Season 8 – Europe. In the competition, M1X has felt dealing with CS: GO senior teams such as Astralis, Fnatic, FaZe Clan, and Ninjas in Pajamas.

Here’s a list of Team Secret CS’s new team roster: GO:

  • juanflatroo (Flatron Halimi) from Kosovo
  • tudsoN (Filip Tudev) from Poland
  • rigoN (Rigon Gashi) from Switzerland
  • sinnopsyy (Dionis Budeci) from Kosovo
  • anarkez (Guy Trachtman) from Israel

Although this roster is still relatively new, Team Secret believes in the synergy and chemistry that the players have, and they are confident that they can educate this team to be a force to be reckoned with in CS: GO esports.

Team Secret CEO, John Yao, said on his official website, “CS: GO is a title that we have been exploring for the past 6 months, and we are delighted to be able to announce an extraordinary young roster promising to end this year and start 2020.

Although only a short time spent together, this squad has shown the potential to be one of the best in the scene (CS: GO), and we hope to give all of our organization’s resources to them in its development. I personally can’t wait to see us skyrocket! ”

Team Secret CS: GO players also welcomed the acquisition enthusiastically. For some of them, joining Team Secret is a dream come true, and they hope to prove their abilities in the future.

“Getting the opportunity from such a great organization allows me to develop myself further individually as a player and as a member of the team under the spotlight of experts, who I believe can help me achieve my personal and team goals in the future,” said Tamsul.

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