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UFC 270 Results: Francis Ngannou Retains Heavyweight Champion Belt

Heavyweight fighter Francis Ngannou took victory at UFC 270 after defeating his former sparring partner Ciryl Gane. Francis Ngannou won over Ciryl Gane by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) in the battle that took place at the Honda Center, United States, Saturday (22/1/2022) local time.

This result made Francis Ngannou successfully defend the UFC heavyweight championship belt. On the other hand, Ciryl Gane’s record is tarnished. The French fighter has lost for the first time in 11 matches he has played since his debut in 2018.

The course of the fight Francis Ngannou vs Ciryl Gane

Ciryl Gane immediately launched an attack to bring down Francis Ngannou at the beginning of the first round. However, Francis Ngannou, nicknamed The Predator, managed to escape and counterattack by cornering Ciryl Gane to the edge of the octagon.

The tension of the fight heated up again along with Francis Ngannou who overwhelmed Ciryl Gane with his combination blow. Ciryl Gane had a chance to launch a bodykick and managed to hold off Francis Ngannou’s resistance in the first round.

The second round opened with Ciryl Gane’s low kick which did not lead to Francis Ngannou. The tempo of the fight was slower throughout the second round because Francis Ngannou waited a lot to find an opening to attack Ciryl Gane.

In the third round, Ciryl Gane tried to tire Francis Ngannou with his movement. However, Francis Ngannou managed to find an opening to attack and slammed Ciryl Gane. This condition was used by Francis Ngannou to lock the opponent’s movement. However, Francis Ngannou has not managed to end Ciryl Gane’s resistance in the third round.

The two fighters faced off again in the fourth round. Francis Ngannou tries to dominate the arena through his attacks. The Cameroonian fighter again launched a slam and tried to lock up Ciryl Gane. However, Ciryl Gane was again saved by the sound of the bell signaling the end of the fourth round.

Entering the fifth or final round, the two fighters still played a slow tempo. After being cornered often, Ciryl Gane was able to take down Francis Ngannou even though it didn’t last long. Through a move, Francis Ngannou was able to turn things around and throw a punch at the opponent. Francis Nganou also won by absolute aka unanimous decision.

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