VERITAS Entertainment Create LVL Esports Facility, Become a Home for G2 Esports

VERITAS Entertainment Create LVL Esports Facility, Become a Home for G2 Esports

VERITAS Entertainment announced that they will open a new gaming and esports facility in Berlin, Germany. Named LVL, the facility has an area of ​​around 2,500 square meters. LVL is equipped with a content production studio, virtual reality device, and a soundproofed main room that can accommodate an audience of up to 200 people.

The space can be used to hold professional esports tournaments, allowing the audience to watch very close to the players and casters, without disturbing the course of the match. Aside from being a place for tournaments, LVL will also be used as a gathering place for the gaming and esports communities, ranging from content creators, streamers, cosplayers, to musicians.

German international esports organization G2 Esports also claims LVL as their headquarters in Berlin. “LVL is the best place to be the G2 headquarters, allowing our team to train, hold a bootcamp, and interact with our fans. “This place will be our first choice to spend time with # G2ARMY and interact with Berliners, the esports capital of Europe,” G2 Esports CEO Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Dorian Gorr, Co-founder and Managing Director, VERITAS Entertainment said, esports tournaments are now held in large arenas or in small internet cafes. With LVL, VERITAS seeks to fill the gap between the two. “The esports ecosystem now has a large arena and internet cafes that only have a few PCs, but there are no facilities that can be a place to hold large events and at the same time, a place to gather,” he said. “LVL is not only a place for professional players to practice, but also a center for entertainment, collaboration, and a place for relationships.”

VERITAS hopes that they will be able to attract 250 thousand visitors to LVL every year. In addition, they also want to be able to hold around 130 activities. Going forward, they plan to provide these esports facilities to other countries.

LVL will be officially opened on March 26, 2020. Amid the outbreak of the virus, Gorr said that they still plan to hold an opening ceremony for the LVL facility. “We are aware of the current situation and we are observing it seriously,” Gorr told VentureBeat. “We have contingency plans, both for our workers and our customers. Regarding the grand opening plan, we don’t intend to postpone the event, but we have made an emergency plan, which means we will only focus on digital production from LVL. “

In addition to making an announcement about LVL, VERITAS also announced that it has received funding of SU $ 10 million from BITKRAFT Esports Ventures and several angel investors. This fresh funding will be used to develop LVL infrastructure, enlarge internal teams, and expand to other countries.

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