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Verstappen: Red Bull needs to be flawless in F1

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Max Verstappen, Red Bull Formula 1 driver, believes his team needs to give its 100% to keep winning races. He admits that his team did not do so during the recent races.

Red Bull provided car kept Verstappen cruising through his second and third world championship titles. RB dominated the field through the second half of 2022 onward, which build similar expectations for this year.

However, McLaren and Ferrari did catch up to its performance this year. Lando Norris made great progress against his counter part, where he won in Miami and came close in Imola.

Red Bull struggled with their car balance in Italy during practice. However, it helped the team to find the solution for their car and perform better on weekend.

Verstappen played intelligently and prevented complete surrender to McLaren. He used Nico Hulkenberg and his track position to keep Norris at bay.

Verstappen pointed to Miami and Imola which shows no longer immunity for Red Bull. He believes the team have no room for any error and must work flawlessly to keep winning.

“I think after Miami, it was quite clear when we went into Imola, it had all closed up quite a bit, even though Imola was probably also not our easiest weekend,” Verstappen said.

“For sure, Monaco is always like that anyway and it will depend now who will put more performance on the car, find the best possible set-up on the car.”

“Things have closed up which makes it of course very important to try and be at our very best, 100 percent.

“I know that is not always a very realistic possibility, but you always try to get to a certain point and maybe the last few races we haven’t been operating at that.

“But every single weekend we try again to find the best possible set-up in the car.”

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Verstappen is concerned about Monaco race, because Red Bull keep struggling on low-speed tracks.

“Looking at the track layout, it’s probably not going to be our best track. Because our car normally struggles a bit over bumps and kerbs,” Verstappen warned.

“We did work on it a bit compared to last year and so far, on most of the tracks that we’ve been to, our low-speed performance has improved a little bit. But I don’t think this is going to be a very easy weekend.

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