Victor Wembanyama Disapproves of NBA Teams Using Tanks

Victor Wembanyama Disapproves of NBA Teams Using Tanks

Victor Wembanyama is among the NBA teams that adopt the tank in the current season. The French pivot is seen as a generational talent and, thus, should be the first pick in the next draft.

However, the prospectus itself does not approach this tactic with kindness. He looks at the tactic with some scepticism and, most of all, weirdness.

“Tanking is a weird strategy, in short. I think it’s unjustifiable, so I don’t even try to think about it.” Wembanyama told Le Parisen.

“I’ve heard people say that the NBA even considered changing some rules related to this because of me, but I know it doesn’t interest me. Even if I had a team I wanted to play for, after all, I wouldn’t tell anyone,” Wembanyama added.

The 7-foot-3 player currently plays for Metropolitans 92, a team from Paris in the French league, where he averages 22.9 points, 9.6 rebounds and 3 blocks per game.

Wembanyama chose to play in France and turn down Barcelona’s offer, knowing it will be his last chance to play in the country for years.

Everyone already knows who he is, certainly on the other side of the Atlantic. But, for a variety of reasons, he doesn’t get carried away by the hype in the US.

“The NBA is the best product in the sport I play. I’ve looked up to a lot of athletes in that league over the years. I know a lot of players have already given me compliments, but I try not to think about that.” Wembanyama said.

“I think they’re people I’m going to have to compete against at some point, above all else. So that changes my perspective on comments,” Wembanyama added.

Wembanyama earned “prize” status, worthy of leading NBA teams to declared tank, for his combination of technique and physique.

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