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World Cup Colombia Smash Greece 3-0

Belo Horizonte – Colombia performing agile to face Greece in their opening match of Group C. Relying on the speed of the players, the Colombian closed the game with a 3-0 victory.

In the match held at the Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte, Saturday (14/06/2014) night local time, Colombia immediately kicked in the fifth minute of the match. The breakthrough ends with a dance on the sidelines.

The goal generated by Pablo Armero is so young. Goals are created by an attack that begins from the right side. Juan Cuadrado with agile outwit guards, before finally releasing the bait to pull in the penalty box.

The ball crossed diagonally in the Greek penalty area, before being struck by Pablo Armero. Armero kicks leads to the right hand corner of the goal guarded Greece Orestis Karnezis. 1-0 to Colombia.

Not until after a goal a minute later, the Greek get good opportunities. However, Panagiotis Kone kick was wide of the left goalpost Colombia.

Throughout the first half, Colombia often rely on speed in the build up and stab the Greek defense. On the contrary, Greece is often survive by stacking eight players in the penalty box.

Until the first half ended, 1-0 to Colombia advantage persisted.

In the second half, Colombia still look agile. The spirit of the Colombian player seen from one of the scenes: How Armero ask the fans of his team, which meets the Estadio Mineirao, to continue to voice support.

In the 54th minute, Juan Cuadrado, which look impressive throughout the game, get a chance. However, his right foot shot from outside the box still soaring.

Goals stems from a corner kick. Ball that led to the continuation of Abel Aguilar with a right leg kick to the far post. There, already waiting for Teo Gutierrez, who immediately grabbed the left leg kick.

Greece seeks reply. In the 63rd minute, Theofanis Gekas welcomes a cross with a header. However, his header was hit the crossbar.

Colombian effort to score the third goal finally bear fruit in the second half injury time. Again, Cuadrado be beginners creation goals.

After the run and gave the ball to his partner, Cuadrado receive the ball back in the penalty box. Through a pass with a heel, he gives assists to James Rodriguez. James also just fired a shot into the corner of the Greek goal.

With this result, Colombia to temporarily lead Group C with a value of 3.

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