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David Villa for MLS trophy New York City

This time for MLS Trophy David Villa the scorer player from Spain is up for winning it. David Villa is known as the leading player of soccer who has made 59 goals in different international matches and he has made himself at top of Euro Cup 2008 and FIFA World Cup 2010 by winning them. In 2011, the player David Villa entered FC Barcelona after winning the UEFA Champions League tournament.
Now the player David Villa has signed with New York City FC and is up for Major League Soccer tournament. David Villa with a complete tone of hope and enthusiasm for the team said, “I’ve had a very successful career in Europe and have gotten to win all of the important titles over there,”
David Villa after winning the awards of Bronze Brazil and Silver Boot at FIFA World Cup 2010 said that after having a successful career in Europe I will be making big achievements in America’s soccer league too. So after his comment, I am very hopeful that David Villa is going to take the title this time too for the soccer.
At Macombs Dam Park last week David Villa got Big Apple as his welcoming award at Yankee Stadium. He has entered the stadium for beginning the play with his team and by 2015; he will be up for the tournament. My hopes are really high for David Villa and after knowing his classy achievements, I am very much in favor of Villa.
David Villa during his time at Macombs Dam Park met the youths and press from South Bronx United. On meeting the young girls and boys David Villa said, “I was also in those kids’ positions many years ago, and I enjoyed those experiences, it feels good to see the enthusiasm that people have for soccer from such a young age, so I was happy to spend some time with them.”
This time on his arrival for MLS trophy the fans of David Villa are very much excited and they are expecting that the player like his previous awards and titles is going to earn this soccer’s trophy too. Now let’s see what David Villa has for his fans for the upcoming MLS trophy New York City. I am expecting a good game in the coming tournament. It is going to be truly outstanding and exciting!

David Villa
David Villa

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