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Thomas Verrmaelen finally in FC Barcelona

Having passed all the necessary medical exams Thomas Verrmaelen is now officially a player of Spanish football club FC Barcelona as well as a central defender for his national football team in Belgium.


The 28-year-old professionalfootball player passed one of the two medical exams on Saturday but Barcelona insisted on two medicals for Verrmaelen has had certain problems with injuries in the previous period of time. However, the results of the medical tests confirmed that there was no reason for Verrmaelen not to proceed through the transfer.

Thomas Verrmaelen has signed for a Spanish club an agreement that obliges him to stay tied to the club until the 2018-2019 season is finished.

From 2000 until 2009 Verrmaelen has played for a Dutch football club Ajax and after that had been sold to Arsenal for 10 millions. It was in Ajax where he received his basic knowledge and where he made himself popular. After being transferred to Arsenal he will play full five seasons before he was transferred to Spanish club FC Barcelona on 9th of August of 2014. The contract was signed for a fee that is believed to be 15 millions. The Spanish football club is willing to pay another four millions as a bonus depending on the number of matches as well as his performance during thematch.


In the long run about making a transfer from Arsenal two teams were competing. One of them was the winning club FC Barcelona and the other one was Manchester United. Manchester decided to give it a step backwards when it comes to these negotiations because they refused Arsenal’s proposal to have the player as part of the deal.

The young player had time to comment on his transfer as well. He affirmed that it was a huge honor for him to play in such a football club that guards the best players in the world. He also commented on the amount of experience and knowledge that he gained in Arsenal and how much it would benefit him that now he can play under pressure.

In front of him is a certain period of time of adaptation to the culture and people. New language and country are things to absorb and he should take time to make an adaptation.

This way Verrmaelenbecame the second center-back that signed a contract this summer with the famous Barca. The first one was Jeremy Mathieu, former Valencian player.



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