Dreamocel Becomes Hero of BOOM Esports Victory Over Geek Fam at ESL LA Online

Dreamocel Becomes Hero of BOOM Esports Victory Over Geek Fam at ESL LA Online

The online tournament from ESL, titled ESL One Los Angeles – Online Southeast Asia region has officially begun since March 28 and will end on April 5, 2020. The tournament opens with a match between Team Adroit and Geek Fam, where Team Adroit successfully outperformed Geek Fam with a score of 2-0.

On the 29th, the second match begins between BOOM Esports against the Southeast Asian giants Fnatic. The impressive BOOM Esports won the match 2-1.

BOOM Esports returned to play on the 30th. This time the opponent was Geek Fam, where there was a support duo from Indonesia, Whitemon and Xepher.

Geek Fam managed to steal 1 point from BOOM Esports in the first game with Leshrac from Karl and also Gyrocopter from Raven who appeared crazy. BOOM Esports must admit defeat in 34 minutes.

While in the second game, BOOM Esports also briefly under the pressure of Geek Fam, even practically throughout the game. However, the disciplined and patient game shown by BOOM Esports successfully turned things around.

Although Geek Fam was caught a few times, the BOOM Esports players continued to play patiently until they could turn things around in the 36th minute, before the game was again taken over by Geek Fam in a few minutes later.

Until finally in the 43rd minute, BOOM Esports managed to win a team fight to be able to make the Geek Fam condition limping and successfully penetrate the opponent’s defense without being able to dammed again in the 46th minute and won, even though the kill score was still behind 22- 28

The third game becomes a very tight game from the early game, mid game and even late game. The two teams take turns winning the war in this third game.

Whereas in the third game, a fierce battle between the two teams. Because it was so fierce, there were four players who reached level 30, where three of them came from the BOOM Esports team, namely Mikoto, Fbz, and Dreamocel.

In this match, both teams played very carefully until lasting for 1 hour and 6 minutes. Even when BOOM Esports is superior to everything from Geek Fam, they still calculate everything before initiating an attack on the opponent’s base.

In the final phase of the match, BOOM Esports successfully scrambled the Geek Fam defense, especially with the ability of the Sven hero controlled by Dreamocel that could no longer be matched by the Geek Fam players until it ended in victory.

This victory makes BOOM Esports temporarily at the top of the ESL One Los Angeles Online SEA region with a record of two wins after previously also winning 2-1 over Fnatic.

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