How to Create an eSports Team

How to Create an eSports Team

How to Create an eSports Team

If you have the idea in mind, but don’t really know how to create an eSports team, stay with us.

In this post, we’ve collected everything you need to know to be able to get off the ground and make your gamer team a reality.

The universe of games stopped being child’s play a long time ago. The industry grew significantly during the pandemic and is expected to continue growing, estimating that it will be a market that moves U$200 billion in 2024 .

And anyone who thinks that this development is just out there is wrong. Brazil grew by 20% the consumption of games in 2020, following the upward trend.

Therefore, the time to learn how to create an eSports team is now. So you take advantage of this rising perspective and grow with other professionals. Even more so that there is a lack of professionals for the sector.

But to be able to turn such an organisation into something successful that actually exists, you need to pay attention to some points. Having a step by step in mind and that’s what we bring today.

The steps you must follow to know how to create an eSports team are:

1- Mindset and Goals

The first step in knowing how to create an eSports team is to have a well-defined mindset and objectives. This way you will organise yourself strategically, with cutting-edge planning and aligned with what you really want.

It is important to know that there will be an initial investment and a lot of work. So you need to see if it fits your routine and reality at the moment or if it’s better to start slowly.

2- Legal and Bureaucracies

As we’ve already said, for you to really learn how to create a professional eSports team, you must take it as an undertaking. So, there are bureaucracies and legal issues to resolve.

There’s no way, if you don’t focus on that, you’ll be with your little foot in amateurism. So, the ideal thing is that you get in touch with a legal lawyer to assist you in this matter.

3- Staff

Having a Staff to help deal with players is useful for resolving collective issues, managing possible conflicts.

Whether they are coaches to train and guarantee good results in competitions, which is where your team wins prizes and audiences, or psychologists to help you emotionally. There are also scouts who can offer proposals to gamers.

Did you like the step by step on how to create an eSports team?

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