Indonesian Team Will Go Home Tomorrow After Being Forced to Withdraw in All England

Indonesian Team Will Go Home Tomorrow After Being Forced to Withdraw in All England

Indonesian Badminton Team of All England 2021 will return to Indonesia on Sunday (21/3), after being forced to withdraw due to compulsory isolation due to one plane with a passenger infected with the corona virus.

According to a press statement by the Manager of the All England 2021 Indonesia Team, Ricky Soebagdja, they will certainly return to the country sooner and will not have to undergo isolation as instructed by the NHS (National Health Service) until 23 March.

Ricky said this was due to the good coordination between PBSI and Indonesian Embassy, ​​Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kemenpora.

Although disappointed because he was forced to withdraw from the Yonex All England 2021 tournament, Ricky said that currently he is only focused on returning the team to Indonesia as soon as possible.

The Indonesian squad is scheduled to depart from London at 17:40 local time aboard Turkish Airlines TK1972.

They will first stop in Istanbul for two hours, then continue with flight TK56 for Istanbul to Jakarta.

Ricky said that he had coordinated with various parties, especially with the Indonesian Ambassador in London, Desra Percaya.

The Indonesian Embassy, ​​said Ricky, also facilitated an independent test kit for swab, which was later brought by the Indonesian Embassy to the laboratory in Birmingham for PCR testing. The swab process was carried out by a PP PBSI doctor.

“Alhamdulillah, after Mr. Ambassador, namely Mr. Desra met with the NHS, he received permission and a decision that we could return to Indonesia sooner. Today we will all carry out PCR Swab for the conditions for our return later, which is also the test kit. given by the Indonesian Embassy. These have all received permission from both the NHS and the All England committee, “said Ricky when he was met at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Birmingham City Center.

“The Indonesian team will return home, God willing, is scheduled for Sunday, March 21 via London, because there are no flights from Birmingham on that date. For transportation from Birmingham to London will be assisted by the Indonesian Embassy, ​​we will be picked up and escorted to the airport later by Mr. Desra. The Indonesian Ambassador to London, “said Ricky.

This is good news, especially for athletes who are very disappointed because they can not compete in the championship.

“Yes, Praise God, we can go home before the appointed time, I also want to thank the Indonesian Embassy in England, Kemenpora, even the President who has paid attention and asked this case to be handled as quickly as possible, including the PBSI who responded very strongly. fast, “said athlete Jonathan Christie.

Jonathan even had time to compete to beat Kunlavut Vitidsarn in the first half, with a score of 21-13, 24-22.

“Yes, even though we cannot continue competing, we will take the lesson. Surely we will do our best for the next match,” said Jonathan.

Gratitude was also expressed by Melati Daeva Oktavianti. Even though you haven’t had the chance to compete, at least you don’t have to waste time on isolation in your room.

“Wow, we are definitely very grateful that we do not have to isolate until March 23, and finally we can return to Indonesia on March 21. Very grateful to the Indonesian Embassy and all of us who have fought for all of us here to go home early,” said Melati. .

“I am also happy that we can finally go home early, even though we returned home on Sunday, but at least it is better than having to go home until the isolation is complete. I also want to thank the Ambassador who really cares about us,” added Hendra Setiawan.

According to Indonesian government regulations after traveling from abroad, when arriving in Jakarta, the Indonesian Team will undergo quarantine for five days after arrival. Quarantine will be carried out at Grand Mercure Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

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