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Kento Momota Had an Accident, Driver Passed Away

The bad news came from the world’s number one men’s singles champion Kento Momota. Kento Momota, a Japanese defender, had an accident while heading to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

The car that was boarded by Kento Momota was involved in an accident with a truck on the Malaysian Toll Road (Maju Express Highway), Monday (1/13/2020) 04.57 morning Malaysia time. Momota is not alone, there are at least three other passengers who are victims. Among them are Foster William Thomas (BWF Instant Review from England, 30 years), Hirayama Yu (physiotherapist / Japanese, 35), and Marimoto Akifumi (assistant coach / Japanese, 42).

The four were immediately rushed to the Putrajaya Hospital. Meanwhile, the driver, Bavan alias Nageswarau (24 years old / Malaysian), died as a result of being pinched in his seat. His body was handed over to the police.


Assistant Director of the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department, Hafisham Mohd Noor, revealed that the incident was allegedly due to the van hitting a truck. “We believe the accident occurred when the van driver crashed into the back side of the truck,” said Hafisman.

After finding news of the accident, the Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports, Syed Saddiq, moved quickly to ascertain the condition of Kento Momota and other victims. Syed Saddiq arrived at Putrajaya Hospital at 09.45 local time. He confirmed that Kento Momota was stable.

Four victims, including Kento Momota, were reported as conscious and stable. “The four of them are also in stable condition, we are monitoring closely,” Syed Saddiq was quoted as saying by the video of Bernama TV.

“We will also monitor their situation closely to ensure every individual, including Momota, gets the best treatment,” the 27-year-old said. The same thing was said by Kento Momota’s coach, Tan Kim Her. He called the 25-year-old badminton player in a stable condition. “They are in stable condition, but are currently under observation for six to seven hours to see if they are okay,” Tan Kim Her was quoted as saying by The Star Malaysia.


Momota’s condition was reportedly fine. However, he suffered facial injuries. Based on data obtained, Momota suffered a broken nose, lip injury, and facial injury.

Another victim, Hirayama Yu, sustained injuries to the face and right leg. Marimoto Akifumi suffered a broken hand. Meanwhile, Foster William Thomas suffered head injuries with seven stitches, right leg and thigh injuries.

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