Lower Bracket Strat, Nigma Esports Successfully Wins Bukovel Minor!

Lower Bracket Strat, Nigma Esports Successfully Wins Bukovel Minor!

Had a doubt the game on the first day, Nigma Esports successfully proved all the scorn and doubt by coming out as a winner on WePlay! Bukovel Minor!

Having to start the playoffs past the lower bracket after previously appearing less slick against Royal Never Give Up, Kuroky and his friends were able to crawl further.

Meet the SEA representative, Geek Fam last night, Nigma Esports who tried their luck using the hero Abaddon successfully rolled Xepher and the team with a landslide score of 2-0.

Winning, Nigma Esports again challenged the Royal Never Give Up who had been waiting for him in the grand final round and this rematch match was also a moment to determine who won.

Starting the match, Royal Never Give Up played in prime condition because previously there was no successful game taking the first game with a final score of 28-18.

Losing in the first game, does not mean Nigma mental decline. Evidently, they were able to turn things around and succeeded in winning 2-1 by winning the second and third games.

The fourth game is the determination of both teams. Royal Never Give Up must win to secure their hopes of winning Bukovel Minor. As for Nigma, they are one step away from holding the championship trophy.

That reason seems to make the game four run very hot. Although quite a few kills were obtained at the start of the game, Royal Never Give Up gradually seemed to dominate.

Nigma Esports isn’t the name if you don’t give up. The superiority of the 41k networth held by the RNG was successful, and even Miracle and the team were able to get a wipe out of the Chinese representative.

Coupled with a slick game by MinD_ContRoL and Kuroky who managed to provide a perfect back up, finally Royal Never Give Up had to give up and give up its ancient ruins.

This result, finally delivered Nigma Esports as Bukovel Minor champion at the beginning of his participation in the 2019-2020 DPC tournament. In addition to bringing home the trophy, they are also entitled to a cash prize of USD 72,000.

Not only that, Nigma Esports also pocketed 140 DPC points and got the last ticket to DreamLeague Leipzig Major which will be held on 18 to 26 January in Germany.

Congratulations again to Nigma Esports for successfully answering doubts from many parties at Bukovel Minor! Surely this also became a gift for fans in early 2020 and under the new name of the team.

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